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Photovoltaic inverter is abnormal? Methods in this

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-23
Photovoltaic inverter in use for a long time, hard to avoid can appear some abnormal phenomena, how to deal with? Pv inverter as the core of the whole plant, abnormal situation is less, but once appear abnormal, consequence is very serious, this is where the exception handling as soon as possible. So, photovoltaic inverter abnormal how to deal with? The following several kinds of photovoltaic inverter is to sort out when abnormal processing method: 1, the low insulation resistance: using the method. String of photovoltaic inverter input side group all unplug, then connected one by using the function of the pv inverter on testing insulation resistance, detection problem group list, find the problem after the group list key to check whether there is water dc connector nipple stents or burning-out short sub, you also can check whether the component itself is in the edge shading burning cause components through the frame leakage to the ground. 2, low busbar voltage: if appear in the early/late time, it is normal, because the pv inverter in an attempt to limit power conditions. If appear in the normal during the day, still detection method for elimination process, detection method is the same as the one. 3, dc over-voltage protection: as components for process improvement, efficient power level rising constantly updated, at the same time open circuit voltage and working voltage components are also on the rise, must consider the temperature coefficient of design phase, to avoid the damage of low temperature circumstances cause overpressure device. In 4, grid abnormal: it could be the grid user terminal due to problems and other users of the transmission line voltage fluctuation is larger, or a larger phase fluctuations. 5, internal communication failure: photovoltaic inverter is generally a communication problem between DSP and communication board, need to improve the program, suggest looking for professional personage improvement program. 6, photovoltaic inverter boot no response: please make sure that no dc input lines to meet the, general dc connector has fool proof effect, but there is no fool proof effect, pressing line terminal read photovoltaic inverter specifications to ensure that is negative pressure again after is very important. Photovoltaic inverter built-in against short circuit protection, normal boot after returning to normal connection. Above photovoltaic inverter is abnormal when some of the processing method of photovoltaic inverter is a internal structure more complicated electronic equipment, when abnormal, remember not to repair by oneself, should be looking for professionals to troubleshooting, then targeted for repair. More articles about photovoltaic inverter show: photovoltaic inverter what effect is there? Purpose?
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