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Notes On XTH Inverter Transportation And Storage

Notes On XTH Inverter Transportation And Storage


Fangpusun has more and more market share with high-quality product quality and customer service. Customers place orders for inverters, components and other important equipment until they receive the goods. In the process of transportation, the inverter will be damaged if there is more than a certain degree of vibration. At this time, scientific transportation service and strict storage requirements are particularly important.

Transportation of inverter:

Here, we share the relevant precautions based on the actual case of XTH inverter transportation process: when XTH series products are delivered by express delivery, the inverter is too heavy and easy to be damaged during transportation, resulting in the customer's response that the received goods are damaged. Therefore, the technicians of fangpusun did an experiment to drop the XTH inverter and simulate the scene that may occur during the transportation. The experiment shows that this will directly cause the edge tape of the inner transformer to fall off and the transformer to be damaged.


Then we took the XTH inverter apart, and the transformer was seriously damaged.



After improvement, the length and width of XTH inverter remain unchanged, and the height is increased by 12cm. The fixed column of the transformer in XTH inverter is changed from the original plastic column to the iron column, which makes the transformer more solid.



We have also improved the packaging. Each XTH inverter is equipped with a customized pallet, and the transportation is changed to air transportation. The intimate service makes you have a better experience.



Inverter storage:

If you receive that the inverter is not put into use immediately, you need to store it as required:

1. Install the inverter in its original packaging and seal it with tape.

2. Store in a clean and dry place, and prevent the erosion of dust and water vapor.

3. During storage, regular inspection is required. In case of any moth or rat bite, the packing materials shall be replaced in time.

4. When storing, place the inverter carefully to avoid personal injury or equipment damage.

5. After long-term storage, the inverter can only be put into use after being inspected and tested by professionals.


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