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How to reasonably select solar street lamps controller

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-13
We generally in the use of solar energy street light controller is by changing the power of the method to adjust the application so that the operation of the machine can be flexible. The regulating switch is led lights, the size of the power can be adjusted depend on the brightness of the led lights, and we just need to control the brightness of the led lights. Say that may not quite understand, here we speak several practical examples to illustrate: when we were in the early morning the street lamp brightness into 30 w, but in the middle of the night we are adjusted the brightness of the 15 w is ok, so can greatly save energy. You know now? We by locking current method can not only keep the night lighting effect, at the same time the use of storage battery and solar panels dramatically increases the service life of, so that the configuration of the whole system and budget can greatly save, leds are naturally also prolong the service life. Select the controller and how to choose? Because our application conditions is uninterrupted, the use of such requirement for equipment is highly likely to be natural, so naturally become the focus of energy consumption, choose low energy consumption of the controller is the target. Charging efficiency is problem, we should consider charging efficiency is not low and our work, can only improve our use efficiency. Since MCT the charging mode controller can can adaptively adjust according to the panels maximum current, this effect is common especially in winter, because winter sunlight is not sufficient condition of MCT mode will allow validation.
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