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What are solar power inverters and what is the best solar hybrid inverter?

What are solar power inverters and what is the best solar hybrid inverter?


solar energy is the hype of the century. everyone wants to get a solar power system for low electricity bills and maintenance costs. they envision solar panels to be the essential part of that solar energy. well, that might not be wrong, but the panels need to pass all the soaked solar energy through solar inverters.

just imagine how you can use all the soaked solar energy through your wires? solar power inverters are responsible for converting all the energy to be processed for you to be able to use it. therefore, these are considered as the brain of the solar energy plant.

so, if you are on the lookout for solar power inverters to run your solar power system for a long time, invest some time reading all about them in our guide. here, we will guide you on a solar inverter, how it works, and its advantages over other inverters. moreover, we will also teach you about the best solar inverters and their applications. not to forget how many solar inverters are required and where you can get the best quality. 

so, what are you waiting for? grab your coffee and read our guide till the end.

what are solar power inverters?

first of all, what are solar power inverters? to simply this, we can say these are an integral part of the solar power plant to convert all the solar energy from the solar plates into consumable electrical energy that you can use through your wiring system. 

it is responsible for converting the direct current (dc) of the solar panel (pv) into alternating 240 v current (ac). the direct current doesn't function in our electrical system; the alternating 240v current does. so, you can think of it as a passage between pv current and ac. once converted, the alternating current can be fed into your residential or commercial properties to run appliances. 

moreover, the unused current is then fed into the grid/ electrical power lines or home battery storage. it is why high-quality solar systems require robust solar power inverters with a cooling system to make them long-lasting solar systems.

modern solar power inverters have more features than mere conversion of dc to ac, like data monitoring and up-to-date controls and different apps. these features help connect your solar system to the internet and access data regarding your system. this way, you can monitor your energy production and consumption.

how do solar inverters work?

the primary function of solar power inverter is to convert the direct current into alternating current that our electrical system can utilize. let us now look at how does it all happens.

the solar panel absorbs sunlight on their photovoltaic cells (pc). these panels have semi-conductive crystalline silicon layers connected with negative and positive charges that absorb solar energy from light to these photovoltaic cells.

the solar energy then runs between these negative and positive layers of charges, generating direct current. however, this current is not used by domestic electrical systems. therefore, it needs to be converted into an ac.

so, the direct current is passed to solar power inverters to be converted or stored in the battery for later use. the current which passes through the inverter is then run through a transistor turning it on and off extremely fast. the transformer is fed with two charges and spits out an alternating current. you can then use this current to use for domestic and commercial purposes.

moreover, you can later utilize the energy stored in your battery. the unused current goes into the grid and electric wires. also, your solar inverters are responsible for maintaining the balance of two energies involved in your solar power system to power your residential and commercial places.

benefits of solar inverters over ordinary inverters

before discussing the benefits of solar inverters over ordinary inverters, let's discuss a little about what they do. ordinary inverters in our homes / ups works by charging the batteries with power coming from the grid. when the power is off, the inverter uses that dc from batteries and convert it to ac to utilize it.

now comes, off-grid solar power system consisting of solar panels, batteries, and inverters. the solar panels absorb the sunlight and produce a direct current either stored in the batteries or passed to the inverter. the inverter then converts it into ac via a transformer to utilize the current. this system either depends on solar energy or charges the batteries and uses them when sunlight is unavailable.

grid solar power inverter supplies additional power to the grid. in this power system, the ac is produced the same way. but extra energy is fed to the grid through mppt (maximum power point tracking) to track voltage made. moreover, it helps solar inverters to get maximum power from the solar plates and save the grid while there is a power failure. 

lastly, the hybrid solar inverter consists of both pv inverter and battery inverter. this way, it can convert dc from the panels to ac and ac from the grid to dc to charge solar battery.

now that you understand the difference between their working let's get to their benefits.

 it gets its power from the solar panels rather than the grid, which helps save electricity costs. moreover, you can sell extra electricity to the grid.

 solar energy is a clean form of energy. there is a shift between ordinary inverters and solar inverters because it doesn't cause any pollution.

 one perk of having a solar inverter is that you don't need to worry about log power cuts. an ordinary inverter may exhaust while the solar inverter doesn't as it receives its energy from the sunlight.

 its maintenance is easy. you can keep the usual maintenance drill to keep it all working.

 solar inverters help in diminishing the greenhouse effect and global warming.

 best solar hybrid inverter (Xtalent series inverter

when looking for the best solar hybrid inverter, you need to look for various factors and decide which one is the best. at the same time, some features may be efficiency, voltage range, power, battery performance, and continuous power output. once you know your requirements, you can search for a solar inverter to fulfill those demands. 

while there are many inverters in the market, the Xtalent series inverter caught our attention. these high-tech devices have so many unique features, such as their capacity of 0.5kva to 72kva, allowing optimal energy use. they are highly flexible while working with multiple applications. 

moreover, the Xtalent series is also easy to use with their factory settings. the series can work efficiently as an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, transfer system, and support to ac source. with Xtalent around, you will get an uninterrupted power supply by having ac power onboard all the time. 

they have remarkable overload capabilities and can automatically reduce the peak loads and shut down the batteries, and protect the system from overheating by raising the alarm. this guide will discuss Xtalent xtm hybrid inverter charger, fangpusan inverter in detail. 

fangpusan solar power inverter: the fangpusan solar inverter is a hybrid comprising an off-grid, on-grid inverter series. it comes with a real sine to balance your solar power system's two types of energy and protect your appliances. it is famous for its suitable quality materials, practical design, solid performance, and reasonable rates.

fangpusan solar inverters are made with industrial-grade master control chips. they are safe inverters with reliable quality. moreover, they provide stable solar systems and appliances running, providing long-time service at reasonable rates. these solar power inverters are perfect for homes, garden lights, billboards, traffic lights, and much more.

they come with a smart boost function that allows them to control power. the solar inverters receive their power from sunlight which is not constant. sometimes the sunlight is good, and more energy is produced and saved in the battery. sometimes it doesn't make much energy when sunlight conditions are not excellent. therefore, the solar inverter's job is to balance energy in this case. low power drives more from the reserve, aka the battery.

the manufacturer of fangpusan hybrid solar inverter claims that these inverters are innovative models and keep up with the latest trends in the market. 

the application of Xtalent inverter

Xtalent inverter primary application is just like other solar inverters, changing the direct current of solar panel into alternating current to run through the wires. however, a highly equipped inverter has provided a sine wave to protect your appliances by balancing energy waves. 

Xtalent inverter can be connected to any unit with 230v/ 50 hz electric grid without any fuss. your Xtalent inverter is equipped with safety measures against overloads and short circuits. let's discuss its applications in detail.

1. uninterrupted power supply with Xtalentinverter

the Xtalent inverter is equipped with a by-pass function to take power from the grid to supply the appliances. when there is a power drop or short circuit in the grid, the Xtalent inverter ensures power by switching into the ups mode and providing electricity to your appliances. 

2. ac power on board withXtalent inverter

theXtalent inverters are programmed to charge the battery from the grid to maintain the power supply to electrical appliances. it changes the dc voltage to ac voltage. their smart boost system enables this feature to keep the power supply by adding more power in case of a shortage or limitation of power.

3. ac voltage for all the electric appliances with Xtalent inverter

the Xtalent inverter converts the dc from the grid or batteries to supply every kind of appliance using ac. it ensures converting dc voltage into quality ac voltage than ac voltage present in the grid.

4. backup applications with Xtalent inverter

 when you cannot feed the power to the grid, the Xtalent inverter utilizes an mppt solar charge controller. it will then minimize the grid consumption and guarantee a continuous power supply in a grid power failure.

5. optimization of self consumption with Xtalent inverter

in this application, the xtenter inverter is attached to the grid line. the inverter optimizes its consumption by charging the battery in excess solar energy and utilizing the power from the batteries when there is a shortage of fuel. this way, it can be a part of the residential power system and reduce its electricity bills.

6.  solar bts with Xtalent inverter

the Xtalent hybrid inverter can reduce diesel consumption, lower the operational cost of the generator, and increase its efficiency and battery life. the excess solar energy can be used for other ac loads. in contrast, the energy shortage will disconnect the inverter output and increase battery life to ensure a continuous supply.

7. electrifying whole villages by upgradation of power with Xtalent inverter

the Xtalent inverter can provide a reliable and robust solution to hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. when multiple products like Xtalent/ /mppt combine, they can convert little energy into considerable energy covering a large area. the Xtalent inverter is flexible and has integrated frequency control to monitor grid and inverter systems. 

how much solar inverters are required?

many systems are available, like modern all-in-one hybrid solar inverters and many others. after calculating your estimated load in winters and summers, the battery size, solar panels, you can estimate how much solar inverter or mppt solar charge controllers are required. 

let's explain these factors you need to look for while selecting the size of your solar inverters.

· first of all, you need to look for your energy requirement in both summer and winter. you need to look out for the power surge, maximum demand to select the battery, and inverter to process that energy.

· once you know your energy demand, you can determine the battery size, type, and efficiency.

· then you can calculate how many solar panels you need to power the battery. consider panels quality, orientation, load shading issues, and other factors to decide on your panels.

· after knowing these factors, you can calculate identify how much solar inverter you need to run the solar energy into alternating current through a transformer. you may also want mppt solar charge controllers to supply the power to the grid if more energy is produced.

from where do you buy the best solar hybrid inverter

now that you know all about solar power inverters, it's time to get them. but from where do you buy the best solar hybrid inverter? consider wenzhou xihe electric co., ltd. the company is located in china. they have been the leading solar power inverters manufacturer and wholesale supplier since 2010. they are the researchers, manufacturers, and marketers of fangpusan power inverters and chargers, solar charge controllers, and everything in between.

with them around, you don't need to worry about your solar power system anymore, as they cater to all your needs. they have been highly professional and experienced in this field for the last ten years, providing high-quality products with the best customer service.

                                                     xtm3500-24 fangpusun 24v 3500w power inverter with charger controller

product features

-true sine wave voltage
-excellent overload capabilities
-optimal battery protection
-adjustable integrated battery charger
-multistage programmable battery charger with pfc
-automatic load detection
-standby load detection is adjustable over a wide range, starting from a low value parallel connectable
-best reliability
-can be used as a back-up system or uninterruptible power supply (ups) multifunction contact
-adjustable power sharing
-reliable and noiseless with any kind of load
-support of sources of alternating current (smart boost)
-automatic support for peak loads (power shaving)
-ultra-fast transfer relay
-high efficiency
-control by digital signal processor (dsp)

best solar hybrid inverter

electronic protection functions

-deep discharge protection
-battery overvoltage shutdown
-short circuit protection
-overtemperature and overload protection
-reverse polarity protection by internal fuse (except fangpusun Xtalent xth 3000) 

-acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating

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