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Function Smart-Boost and active filtering

With this function it is possible to interact directly with the AC source (Genset or grid) and to implement some basic functions such as:

 • Efficient and immediate limitation of the current of the source, including non linear or inductive/ capacitive loads, protecting efficiently the breakers  during connection to shore power or to a camping power meter with limited current (function of power shaving and power assistance) (more information on our website and in the Application note AN001/

 • Power shaving of load steps on the generator allowing an optimal sizing of the generator and asssuring the best possible efficiency of the fossil fuels  (function of filtering and of power assistance).

 • The function of assistance to the source enables also to implement advanced functions such as the priorityuse of renewable energy, even when the grid is available (more information on our website and in the Application note AN002 / www.

 • Electronic protection functions

Deep discharge protection

Battery overvoltage shutdown

Short circuit protection

Overtemperature and overload protection

Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse (except Fangpusun Xtender XTH 3000)

Acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating

 • Options

Type with 115 V / 60 Hz (except Fangpusun Xtender XTH 8000-48)

Model with protective lacquered mainboard

 • Accessories

Remote control and display Fangpusun RCC-02

Remote control and display Fangpusun RCC-03

Fangpusun X-Connect system

Battery temperature sensor Fangpusun BTS-01

Integrated cooling unit ECF-01

Communications cable

Fangpusun BSP-500/1200


RoHS compliant;Made in China;Compliant with European Standards (CE)

Product Parameters

Displays:5 LEDs show operating states;Operation:Main switch;Adjustable load detection

ModelXTH 3000-12XTH 5000-24XTM 6000-48XTM 8000-48
Characterisation of the operating performance
Nominal battery voltage12V24V48V48V
Input voltage range9.5-17VDC19-34VDC38-68VDC38-68VDC
Continuous power2500VA4500VA5000VA7000VA
Power 30 min.3000VA5000VA6000VA8000VA
Power 5 sec.7.5KVA12KVA15KVA21KVA
Max. efficiency93%94%96%96%
Own consumption stand by1.4W1.8W2.2W2.4W
Own consumption ON14W18W22W30W
Acoustic level without ventilation40 dB
Acoustic level with ventilation45 dB
Maximum loadUp to short-circuit
Maximum asymmetric loadUp to Pcont.
Load detection (stand-by)2 to 25 W
Cos φ0.1-1
Output voltagePure sine wave 230Vac (±2%) / 120Vac (1)
Output frequency45Hz - 60Hz (1) ± 0.05% (crystal controlled)
Harmonic distortion<2%
Overload and short-circuit protectionAutomatic disconnection with 3 time restart attempt
Overheat protectionWarning before shut-off - with automatic restart
Battery charger
Charge Characteristic6 steps : Bulk-Absorption-Floating-Equalization-reduced fl oating-periodic absorption
Number of steps, thresholds, end current and times completely adjustable with the RCC-02/-03
Temperature compensationWith BTS-01 or BSP 500/1200
Power Factor Correction (PFC) accordingEN 61000-3-2
Maximum charging current160A140A100A120A
General dataXTH 3000-12XTH 5000-24XTM 6000-48XTM 8000-48
Input voltage range150 to 265Vac / 50 to 140Vac (1)
Input frequency45 to 65Hz
Input current max. (transfer relay) / Output current max.50Aac/56Aac50Aac/80Aac

Transfer time<15ms
Multifunction contacts2 independent contacts (potential free 3 points, 16Aac/5Adc)
Dimension hxwxl [mm]230x300x500
Protection indexIP20
Operating temperature range-20 to 55°C
Relative humidity in operation95% without condensation
VentilationForced from 55°C
Warranty2 years

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