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Fangpusun Prosine off grid electric Inverter

Fangpusun Prosine off grid electric Inverter
Prosine 1000,1000i,Prosine 1800,1800i
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Prosine off grid Inverter

Offering superior quality true  sine wave output, the PROsineTM 1000and 1800 stand-alone inverters are ideally  suited for electrical systems that already have a quality multistage battery  charger.

Designed for recrestional and industrial applications, their  120-volt/230-volt, 60HZ/50HZ AC power output is capable of handing both heavy  duty and smaller, multiple AC loads.

PROsine inverters include a backlit LCD  display panel, which can be mounted remotely.

Product  Features

1000 and 1800 watt inverters  (1500 and 2900 watt surge capability)

Removable LCD display can be  mounted remotely for control and monitoring

Unique DC terminals offer  180-degree connections for easy installation in tight places

True sine wave AC output (crystal  controlled)

Powersave mode draws only 1.5  watts under no load two year warranty

Available  in 12 and 24 volt models.Models available with GFCI AC  outlet or AC hardwire terminal strip for permanent installation into an  electrical system (optional 15A transfer switch available with hardwire option). Remote interface kit for remote  mounting of display module 

Ultra-clan  true sine wave power 
With less than 3% total harmonic  distortion, PROsine 1000 and 1800 inverters deliver true sine wave output that  is identical to AC power supplied by your utility. This clean output makes  PROsine inverters ideal for handing sensitive loads and improves AC equipment  performance. Expect trouble-free true sine wave electricity for televisions,  audio systems, variable speed tools, and more. 

Light and  compact 
PROsine inverters are lighter and  more compact than other inverters with similar power ratings because they use  high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process.

Protection  Features

Over  temperature shutdown and automatic overload protection; Over voltage and under voltage  protection;

Short circuit and AC backfeed  protection

Product Parameters

Electrical specifications
ModelsPROsine 1000Prosine 1000iPROsine 1800Prosine 1800i
Output power1000W1800W
Surge rating1500W2900W
Output current (peak) 25A25A45A
Output voltage (at no load)120Vac+/-3%230Vac RMS+/-3%120Vac+/-3%230Vac RMS+/-3%
Output voltage(over full load and battery  voltage range)120VacRMS-10%/+4%230VacRMS-10%/+4%120VacRMS-10%/+4%230VacRMS-10%/+4%
Output frequency60+/-0.05(crystal controlled)50+/-0.05(crystal controlled)60+/-0.05(crystal controlled)50+/-0.05(crystal controlled)
Output waveformTrue  sine wave(<3%THD)True  sine wave(<3%THD)
Peak efficiency(12v/24v)89%/90%89%/90%
No load power draw(search mode)<1.5W<1.5W
No load power draw(idle mode)<22W<22W
Input voltage range(12v/24v)10-16Vdc/20-32Vdc10-16Vdc/20-32Vdc
Transfer relay rating(hardwire/transfer relay  models)15A15A
Transfer time AC to inverterand inverter to ACMax 2 cycles(typically 1 cycle)<2.5 seconds with Powersave “ON”Max 2 cycles(typically 1 cycle)<2.5 seconds with Powersave “ON”
General specifications
Operating temperature range32℉-140℉(0℃-60℃)32℉-140℉(0℃-60℃)
Storage temperature range-22℉-158℉(-30℃-70℃)-22℉-158℉(-30℃-70℃)
Ac output typesDual GFCI receptacleDual GFCI receptacle
Hardwire with transfer relayHardwire with transfer relay
LCD display panelRemovable; can be mounted remotelyRemovable; can be mounted remotely
(requires remote interface kit-see part number section)(requires remote interface kit-see part number section)
Displays DC volts, amps and output powerDisplays DC volts, amps and output power
Recommended DC fuse12V:150A or 175A*12V:225A or 300A*
24v: 70a OR 90A*24v: 100A or 150A*
*Depending on applicable  installation codes*Depending on applicable  installation codes
Weight14.5lb (6.5kg)16.5lb (7.5kg)
WarrantyTow yearTow year
Part numbers


GFCI outlet806-1000806-1800
Hardwire with transfer relay806-1002806-1802

GFCI outlet806-1050806-1850
Hardwire with transfer relay806-1052806-1852
Remote interface panel808-1800808-1800
Wiring cover808-1801808-1801
Regulatory Approvals
CSA/NRTL certified to CSA 107.1,  UL 458(including marine supplement)
KKK-A-1822D:Federal specification  for use on ambulances
Designed to meet ABYCE8, E9, A25  for marine applications
Note: Specifications subject to  change without notice.

Product Displays 

Packing Information


Enclosed manualinside of box

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Install terminal

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Testing circuit board

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High temperature laboratory

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Assembly line for detect and pack

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