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The Neighbor's Inverter Made Me Cry

The Neighbor's Inverter Made Me Cry


My neighbor bought the fangpusun Xtalent  inverter-charger XTM 4000-48, ask me to watch his newly installed solar home system.

At first glance, these pure sine wave power inverters look high-end and atmospheric, and look like very expensive inverter. As I know that there would be a small discount if we bought three pieces hybrid inverter together. So upset, the inverter in my house looks like a rotten street style. 

My neighbor also said that this inverter is very powerful:

* Configured individually, in parallel, split-phase, or three-phase inverter

* 5 main functions: It can be an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, transfer system and provide support to an AC source.

* Battery charger adapted to OPzS, NiFe, Lithium and Redox Flow battery

* Allows the Xtalent to assist the AC source. the currents from both sources (AC-in and inverter) are combined output if the loads are more than the AC source can supply

* Information upload P.C.

After listening, I'm going to cry. The neighbor didn't buy an inverter, it's like buying five different machines. I go home and throw my off grid inverters away.

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