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A place destined to go,there's light all night

A place destined to go,there's light all night


September is coming to an end. Although covid-19 happened at the beginning of the year, it has not had a very significant impact on the photovoltaic industry. At present, photovoltaic should be the generation type with the fastest cost reduction in recent ten years. People's thinking has also changed, and their knowledge of energy conservation and emission reduction has become more profound.

  Photovoltaic power generation into the campus is the future trend, global photovoltaic entered the era of parity, rapid growth in demand, now photovoltaic power generation is more and more mature, has been integrated into all aspects, campus is a very complex building, want to create a green campus must be built on this complexity. Then the product technology will become the main core. Fangpusun's products play an important role in energy saving. Our pure sine wave solar inverter is our star product. The high-quality solar inverter and solar controller in campus photovoltaic power generation can ensure the reliable operation of the whole system, The XTM & XTH pure sine wave solar energy inverter can provide perfect energy for photovoltaic campus power generation, and prevent power interruption. With our FLEXmax MPPT solar charging controller & FLEmax MPPT 100-300 high-power solar charging controller, the power source is continuously supplied.

  Photovoltaic power generation is not only implemented in major campuses, but also in many backward and remote areas, the hardware facilities of rural schools have not been improved. Photovoltaic power generation is a better choice. The campus has a relatively open roof, stable sunshine, beautiful appearance after installation, heat insulation and cooling, which not only ensures the power supply of the campus, but also reduces the power cost for the school.

Countries pay more and more attention to the use of new energy, photovoltaic will become the cheapest energy in the world.A place destined to go,there's light all night


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