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Install photovoltaic power station? These fears were all for naught!

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-08
According to the relevant national laws and regulations, distributed photovoltaic roof system does not belong to the neo-treasure hill, as long as the filing through legal channels, reasonable design, building photovoltaic power station, the national grid would be connected to the electricity grid and subsidies on time. At present the construction of the installation of photovoltaic power generation system, in the family has been very mature market experience, for the house completely without modification, as long as can determine whether can be installed according to roof condition, whether before or after decorate decorate, there is no any effect. After installing solar components, both can generate electricity and appear ecological fashion, so why not? Villa or top can be installed photovoltaic modules? If reasonable design and installation of photovoltaic power generation system, will not affect the original building construction, also no longer have an impact on the surrounding environment, villas residential property does not agree to install there are two main reasons, one is because don't know the whole business process, one is worried about damage district overall aesthetic, so only need to communicate through a reasonable explanation, general property will agree to install. Currently in Shanghai and other places, many villa roof are already installed up step by step. Single crystal components are the advantages of beautiful appearance and high capacity, can not only promote the class of the community, also can bring high returns. The installation of a photovoltaic system cost is too expensive, suitable for ordinary people? A set of high quality photovoltaic power generation systems, the main material ( Pv modules, inverters, bracket, cable, etc. ) Accounted for 70% of total system, installation expenses account for 10%, the remaining part to support the cost of the normal operation of enterprises. Relative to the rural users, countries have introduced a sunshine loan services, the policy for poverty alleviation policy, brought the welfare for rural users. Countries are out the subsidy policy, in addition to support promotion of photovoltaic (pv), on the other hand is also decrease the cost of the installation of ordinary households investment, and a set of photovoltaic power generation system can be normal power more than 25 years. Strict selection of qualified product, quality system integrators can ensure no additional maintenance costs, at the same time, the current in each region also has a lot of families has been put into use, the output of every day is visible through the monitoring and control system. The northern sunshine time is short don't know can install? According to the national aeronautics and space administration NASA's meteorological data, different longitude and latitude regions have different irradiance, China belongs to one of the country is rich in solar energy resources, the total area of more than two-thirds district in rizhao number more than 2000 hours, annual radiation dose in more than 5000 mj/m2. China's northern region belongs to the category ( A rich resources) , radiation throughout the year in 5400 ~ 6700 mj/m2, suitable for installation of photovoltaic power generation system. With the progress of photovoltaic technology, even in a bad light, electricity is very secured, can bring the excess earnings for the customer. Haze weather solar photovoltaic systems will not be able to power generation are not see? Fog for photovoltaic do have certain effect, but for the influence of the power generation efficiency is less than 5% ( Heavy fog except) 。 It is because the fog haze, can't see the sun every day, country to vigorously develop renewable energy photovoltaic power generation. Because our country at present the main power supply way for thermal power, pollution is bigger. Assume that every household can install photovoltaic devices, the default daily output of 15 degrees ( Power: 5 kw) , a year can reduce about 40% of the thermal power, slowly environment has improved, everyone is far away from the smog
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