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Classes teach solar power as clean, green career

by:Fangpusun     2020-03-30
Javier Hernandez assembled the framework of the solar photovoltaic system in a teaching class in San Jose, California.Saturday, August.2, 2008.Javier Hernandez assembled the framework of the solar photovoltaic system in a teaching class in San Jose, California.Saturday, August.2, 2008.After the last layoff, his 20-During a year of architectural career, Javier Hernández turned to one of the rare highlights of the economic downturn.Literally.In the soaring US this summerS.The 63-year-old has taken a step for the presidential candidate in fuel prices and global concerns about global warmingThe dream of income advocates and Silicon Valley tech Lords is that he registered a solar panel installation class at San Jose City College.\"We are definitely destroying our planet. if we destroy this planet, we are destroying ourselves .\"\"Hopefully I will get a good job after I finish the course and I can get more experience and eventually bring the technology to (Mexico ).From a political and economic point of view, green environmental protection has made great progress.collar\" jobs.They are \"clean\" and are unlikely to go overseas in the renewable energy sector and may support an industrial, blue countryThis is the case with the argument.However, there is still a big gap between the projected demand for solar, wind and geothermal energy and the expertise required to manufacture, install and sell these systems.Here\'s the class in Hernan.He and about 20 people attended the second class of solar installation offered by the San Jose City College.The group is learning terms such as \"Photovoltaic Modules\" (solar panels) and \"power inverters\" (converting power from DC to AC) two nights a week.During half-Lab classes on Saturday, they can design, assemble and dismantle systems with their own hands.$20 or $80 per credit line.The new green-Foreman-Other community colleges in the Bay Area also offer variants such as the Cabrillo Academy-Two years ago, conversations began between educational institutions and Silicon Valley\'s growing solar industry.Eventually, the group was named solar technology and set several goals.In addition to streamlining the building permit, utility connectivity and the National rebate system, the group is committed to advanced training.Tom McCalmont is the chief executive of solar technology and the founder of REgrid Power, Campbell solar design and installation company.According to a survey by the group, there are currently nine out of 6,900 to 8,000 solar workersCounty Bay Area-Far below 20,000 to 40,000 of what is expected in the next decade.\"This is a huge demand,\" McCalmont said .\".\"The good thing about these jobs is that they are green --collar jobs -Stable, intermediate typeWe haven\'t done class work in the Bay area for several years.We have low-Paid service job or high paying Whitecollar jobs.\"Roughly speaking, a solar panel technician earns up to $19 an hour --About $40,000 a year.Up to $35 an hour in a few years --McCalmont says it\'s nearly $73,000 a year.Classrooms are mainly focused on solar training because wind, geothermal and other energy sources are not as extensive and there are fewer local businesses.Like Hernández, Mark Fontana also took solar technology as his second career.Fontana, 52, is a software support engineer at HP.Packard\'s been 26 years.After retiring early in 2005, Fontana received education on renewable energy.He was also involved in a project to put the solar array at a low levelincome homes.In the end, he may become the designer of the solar system, or her designer.People who use technologies such as infrared sensors and blowers to assess energy efficiency in homes and businesses.HERS represents the Home Energy Rating System.He recently installed a 2,500-The Watt solar system in his own homeAnother reason some people take solar installation classes.Between the generous kickbacks of local utilities, the tax credits and the savings of his own workforce, the system cost him $2,500A tenth of the typical system cost.\"You won\'t find a lot of people who can do this because I installed it myself and I took advantage of the state\'s best (local rebate) system,\" he said .\".While the popularity of renewable energy systems is expected to soar, there are still some factors that limit the industry\'s recent growth.Congress is deadlocked in whether to renew the federal tax credit for wind and solar systems for homes and businesses.Although credit-The highest price for residential customers is $2,000They have helped support the industry and will expire by the end of this year.While the House has proposed funding credit by ending tax subsidies for oil companies and closing tax loopholes for hedge fund managers, Republicans have rejected these ideas as invisible tax increases.As a result, finding a job has always been a challenge for some newly graduated local graduates.Educators who want to expand training courses on renewable energy hope this is just a small problem.But, in times of economic hardship, they keep in close contact with the industry and customize the courses and courses.\"I don\'t want graduates who can\'t find a job to flood the market,\" said Kathy Weiler, dean of applied science at San Jose City College .\".\"Right now, we\'re waiting for people to get more state and federal rewards.If this happens, there will be growth.But if not..People are reluctant to buy solar systems for $25,000.
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