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Xtm3500-24 Fangpusun 24V 3500W Power Inverter with Charger Controller

Xtm3500-24 Fangpusun 24V 3500W Power Inverter with Charger Controller
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Xtender  XTM  Hybrid  Inverter  Charger 


The basic functions of the combined inverters Fangpusun Xtender are th inverter, the battery charger, the switching function and the support of extermal sources of alternating current. These functions can be combine and controlled fully automatically. The inverters offer outstanding user- friendliness and very good exploitation of the energy availablalecontrolle

All the settings of the Fangpusun Xtender can be remote controlle . Whe a software with new functions is available, it can be loaded into the system, so the Fangpusun Xtender always stays up to date. Several Fangpusun Xtender can be connected in parallel or to form a three-phase
system. That means that up to nine Fangpusun Xtender can work together.


Multifunction contacts
These potentialfree contacts can be programmed for many diferen applications. They can react to any event outside or inside of the inverter (grid availability, battery voltage, fault message .. They can also be pro rammed on a timer or can be switched on during particular times (at night, at the weekend ... In this way, they can serve to start up a generator, to witch off less important loads, to signal a fault, to charge batteries depending on the situation, etc.

Smart-boost function
With the smartboost function, the output of another source of alternat ng current, such as a power generator o charger connection, can be increased; even when special loads are being used (inductive, asymmetric, with hi h switch-on urrent). , ltis also possible to combine the Fangpusun Xtender with almost all inverters which are already present in order to increase the available output.

Product Features

-True sine wave voltage
-Excellent overload capabilities
-Optimal battery protection
-Adjustable integrated battery charger
-Multistage programmable battery charger with PFC
-Automatic load detection
-Standby load detection adjustable over a wide range, starting from a low value Parallel connectable
-Best reliability
-Can be used as a back-up system or uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Multifunction contact
-Adjustable power sharing
-Reliable and noiseless with any kind of load
-Support of sources of alternating current (Smart Boost)
-Automatic support for peak loads (Power Shaving)
-Ultra-fast transfer relay
-High efficiency
-Control by digital signal processor (DSP)

Electronic protection functions

-Deep discharge protection
-Battery overvoltage shutdown
-Short circuit protection
-Overtemperature and overload protection
-Reverse polarity protection by internal fuse (except Fangpusun Xtender XTH 3000) 

-Acoustic alarm at deep discharge or overheating


-Remote control and display Fangpusun RCC-02 

-Remote control and display Fangpusun RCC-03 

-Fangpusun X-Connect system
-Battery temperature sensor Fangpusun BTS-01 Integrated cooling unit ECF-01
-Communications cable
-Fangpusun BSP-500/1200



Specifications subject to change without notice

Product Parameters

Compliant with European Standards(CE); RoHS compliant; ISO 9001 ...


ModelXTM 1500-12XTM 2000-12XTM 2400-24XTM 3500-24XTM 2600-48XTM 4000-48
Characterisation of the operating performance
Nominal battery voltage12V12V24V24V48V48V
Input voltage range9.5-17VDC9.5-17VDC19-34VDC19-34VDC38-68VDC38-68VDC
Continuous power1500VA2000VA2000VA3000VA2000VA3500VA
Power 30 min.1500VA2000VA2400VA3500VA2600VA4000VA
Power 5 sec.3400VA4800VA6000VA9000VA6500VA10500VA
Max. efficiency93%93%94%94%96%96%
Own consumption stand by1.4W1.4W1.6W1.6W2.0W2.0W
Own consumption ON8.0W10W9W12W10W14W
Acoustic level without ventilation40dB
Acoustic level with ventilation45dB
Maximum loadUp to short-circuit
Maximum asymmetric loadUp to Pcony
Load detection (stand-by)2 to 25W
Cos ф0.1-1
Output voltagePure sine wave 230Vac(±2%)/120Vac(1)
Output frequency 45Hz-60Hz(1)±0.05%(crystal controlled)
Harmonic distortion

<  2%

Overload and short-circuit protectionAutomatic disconnection with 3 time restart attempt
Overheat protectionWarning before shut-off-with automatic restar
Battery charger
Charge Characteristic6 steps:Bulk-Absorption-Floating-Equalization-reduced fl oating-periodic absorption Number of steps, thresholds, end current and times                  completely adjustable with the RCC-02/-03
Temperature compensationWith BTS-01 or BSP 500/1200
Power Factor Correction(PFC) accordingEN 61000-3-2
Maximum charging current70A100A55A90A30A50A

Input voltage range150 to 265Vac / 50 to 140Vac (1)
Input frequency45 to 65Hz
Input current max . (transfer relay) / Output current max 50Aac / 56Aac
Transfer time < 15ms
Multifunction2 independent contacts(potential free 3 points,16Aac/5Adc)
Dimension hxwxl(mm)133*322*466
Protection indexIP20
Operating temperature range-20℃ to 55℃
VentilationForced from 55℃
Warranty 2  years


Q1.  What's Certificates you have?

   A: CE, ROHS, ISO9001, SGS certificates

Q2.  How many years warranty? 

   A: All of products warranty 2 years. If have any quality problem, could return to us exchange new one or repair ir free. Use our company DHL account, free freight.

Q3.  What's the payment term?

   A: 100% T/T (large order, accept 30% T/T prepay 70% balance before shipping), Western Union, Paypal.

Q4.  How's the delivery time?

   A: Usually 2 hours after receive full payment. OEM order need 10-15 days.

Q6.  What's Government tender you get?

  A: FP-S-300W and FP-S-600W inverter get Indonesia tender, Solarix MPPT2010 controller get Bulgaria tender, PR2020 solar controller get Ecuador tender, PR3030 solar charge controller get Mexico tender and so on.

Q7.  Would you supply OEM/ ODM service?

   A: Yes! Our company supply OEM service.

     I.  MOQ 200Pcs per model, blank box packing, standard export carton.

     II.  MOQ 500Pcs per model, customer's design color box packing, standard export carton.

Q8.  How to distinguish solar charge controller with MPPT function?

   A: input voltage more than output voltage, charging current less than loading current.

Q9.  Why your unit price is higher than other supplier?

   A: Alto and Audi are cars, also four wheels cars. Why Audi price higher than Alto? The same token, our Fangpusun solar charge controller unit price higher than other suppliers, so products quality higher than other supplier. We believe in the right balance between quality and price, we offer competitively priced systems while maintaining our high standard of quality.

Q10.  What type of battery to connect Fangpusun solar charge controller?

  A: GEL and AGM battery are all available. Solsum E, Solsum F, Solarix PRS, SOlarix MPPT these these 4 series also could setting for Li battery.

Q11.  Engineering expertise

  A: In Fangpusun we know that every project is different. Our solar experts with 10 years experience. will conduct a solar site analysis using the latest tools in the industry to ensure the maximum performance of your solar system. Give you the best suggestion, recommend suitable model for you. 

Q12.  What about your sale service?

  A: Developing long-lasting relationships with our customers is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to providing you with excellent all-round services, before, during and after the installation of your renewable energy system.


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