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Where is Xihe charge controller factory located?
The mill of Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,LTD. gets the very advantageous position. Here, the price of collecting materials and production and distributing finished charge controller to clients is minimal. Our mill is situated close to the origin of raw materials. Thus, we're in a position to decrease transport expenses, which considerably affects production expenses and supplies customers with the best profit. Skilled and semi-skilled local manpower increases the efficient functioning of our plant life.

Our on grid inverter has exported to many countries and received many positive feedbacks. The solar controller series has become a hot product of Xihe charge controller. The product is of reliable quality and can be used for a long time. Applied in a photovoltaic system, it is absolutely pollution-free. The product can maintain its beautiful finish with very little care. People will not need to worry about refinishing, sanding, or repairing it as long as they follow basic care instructions. The product has overload and over/under-pressure protection.

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