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When was Xihe charge controller established?
Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,LTD. was founded at the stage when the charge controller business just started. At that moment we took the opportunity to develop the business and even extend the whole industry chain. It is our continued efforts and investment that contributes to the current complete supply chain and the huge sales around the world. We are determined that this segment will grow further in the future, and that both pioneers and newcomers will have a position in it.

Xihe charge controller is now one of the largest-scale manufacturers, whose volume of exports has been rising steadily. The on grid inverter series has become a hot product of Xihe charge controller. The product is guaranteed to be of reliable quality as we regard quality as our top priority. With low total harmonic distortion, the product is ideal for handling sensitive loads. Placing a hot pan directly on this product, spilling liquids all over it, or the claws of a pet will not have any effect on it. The control system adopts industrial chip which enables it to work stably in humid, low- and high-temperature conditions.

We hope to be satisfied with the long-term customer satisfaction of our products. We know that only when you can see a good job, the brand's image and name can get real value. Call!
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