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what is a power inverter?

by:Fangpusun     2020-03-22
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the role of solar inverters in home solar systems, as well as the problems related to different types of inverters, and how to solve some common problems related to them.
In order to provide electricity to the home, most home solar systems work in the order in which solar panels transmit electricity to the battery, and then the battery supplies it to the home.
This ensures that in the dark, electricity is available when the solar panels themselves do not generate electricity.
In both types of power, both solar panels and batteries handle DC current (DC).
At the same time, AC power is used inside the home (AC).
The conversion from DC to AC is performed by the inverter.
The user can modify the sine wave (MSW)
And the real sine wave (TSW)inverters.
Of these two inverters, MSW inverters are of a relatively limited type, as they convert only DC power into the simplest form of AC power.
Some devices that use certain types of power, such as computers, do not have any problems with the MSW inverter, but the MSW inverter may have difficulties in other cases.
For example, when used with the MSW inverter, the audio device usually produces a noticeable hum.
The TSW inverter will not encounter these problems, so it is usually the first choice for homeowners.
If you pay attention to the following points, there is no problem in maintaining the inverter.
While it\'s a good idea to keep the inverter as close to the battery as possible, don\'t put it in the same box.
Use a large size wire to run between the battery and the inverter.
The correct size may be provided in the inverter documentation.
Fuse is a good idea for all the wires going in and out of the inverter.
Make sure the inverter is in a position where it will not be exposed to wet or extreme temperatures.
In terms of common problems, there are only a few special problems with solar inverters.
The first problem is RF interference.
All inverters broadcast some radio noise when they are running.
The easiest way to solve this problem is to keep any receiver as far away from the inverter as possible.
Switching to a battery-powered radio will also solve this problem, and then the battery can be charged through a solar system. So-
Called \"phantom load\" represents another common problem.
Phantom load is the power used when the device is turned off, which is a common problem for many new TVs and other devices that use the \"standby\" mode.
The inverter cannot fall asleep when these devices continue to supply power.
This in turn means that the inverter itself ultimately uses more power than they really need.
If you are able to connect the device responsible for the virtual load to the power strip using the on/off switch, you can effectively resolve this issue.
Turning off the power strip will leave the device powered off, allowing the inverter to enter low power mode.
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