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Solar LED street lights maintenance

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-12
Use and maintenance of solar LED street lamp directly affects its service life, affecting the solar LED street lamp, operation cost, and affect efficiency. Repair and maintenance of solar LED street lamp is the best means to maintain the system running. In general, don't need to make clean surface solar cell components, but the connection point to the exposed for regular inspection, maintenance. Encountered strong winds, heavy rain, hail, snow, etc. , measures should be taken to protect the solar cell phalanx, so as to avoid damage. The daylighting of the solar cell phalanx surface should be clean, if there are any dust or other dirt, should be washed with water, then use clean cloth to water wipe gently, do not use hard object or corrosive solvent to clean. Check the connection of solar street light controller system, in order to avoid loose connection leads to bad system. Check the grounding resistance of solar LED street light system. When observed solar array surface dust into gray, can't see solar panels, solar street lamp system of the original blue crystal panel, it should be for cleaning the dust solar panels. General rural road 5 ~ 6 months to clean a advisable, city streets road 3 ~ 4 months to clean a advisable.
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