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Should be how to connect the inverter and power supply and load?

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-10
USES 150 watts of electrical appliances can be directly under the 150 watts inverter used after plug to the cigarette lighter socket. More than 150 watts of inverter through the alligator clip leads directly to the battery, battery anode red line, black line connect the battery negative ( Do not pick up the, remember! ) If electricity location are far away from the battery, inverter connection principle is: the connection to the inverter with battery should be as short as possible, and the output of the 220 v ac line longer just as well. Xihe inverter and although with reverse connect protection function, inverter fuse will blow out, after the reverse is also convenient to replace and but recommend general wiring in the correct method, pay attention to the use of safe.
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