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Set of string type inverter heat improvements - — Fanless design

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-11
Pv inverter as the core equipment of solar power system, its reliability decides the safe operation of pv systems, and influence the reliability of the photovoltaic inverter is one of the important factors of the inverter heat dissipation performance. The core of the inverter power switch device is more sensitive to temperature, temperature changes will affect the process of open and shut off, when the temperature is too high will cause power switch performance attenuation or even damaged, so the cooling scheme of inverter and determines the performance and quality of the product. In recent years, the group of tandem ground power station is widely applied in the world. Compared with the centralized power stations, set of string type power station has obvious advantages, embodies in the following: high capacity, cover an area of an area small, without machine room, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and simple. Especially for distributed roof, hills, project group of tandem scheme has incomparable advantages. Photovoltaic power station choose commonly in sunny places such as desert, plateau, these areas are the winter temperature is extremely low, summer temperature is very high, the sand is big, high altitude, the light is strong, some sites located in the seaside, even strong corrosion. In these scenarios, set of string type inverter by hanging wall, hang a photovoltaic panels stand or hang independent installation methods such as direct exposure to the outdoor, external components by rain, dust, corrosion and aging serious risk. How to do can adapt to bad environment, and can meet the inverter heat dissipation, became the most concern of the people. A group, list type inverter industry commonly used thermal radiation and the inverter heat dissipation problem basically has two methods of natural cooling and water cooling, the key factors influencing the heat capacity is the convective heat transfer coefficient. Under normal circumstances, the heat transfer coefficient of air cooling heat dissipation an order of magnitude higher than the natural convection and so on the outside of the group of string type inverter increase fan can greatly improve the cooling capacity, industry manufacturers generally use this heat. But set of string type inverter application environment is bad, the protection of external fan performance requirement is higher. Current type outdoor fan normally only reach IP54 or IP55 protection grade, external fan design cause the overall system protection grade cannot reach IP65. Directly in order to avoid the rain washed out the fan at the same time, design the cooling scheme, can become very complex air duct, duct limited form, once the fan failure, the cooling capacity attenuation is serious, it will make the inverter output power derating, capacity reduction, seriously affect the customer benefit. And crucially, for fan perennial exposed to rain water and dust, the corrosion is serious, life expectancy has fallen sharply, inverter life cycle need to replace the fan for many times, high maintenance costs. Below for an outdoor environment power station, inverter run a year later, fan and sulphuric corrosion profile pictures, can be seen from the picture, the corrosion situation is very serious. Figure 1 a outdoor power inverter fan dust corrosion diagram 2, the set of string type inverter heat dissipation problem solution with no external fan design to cope with the heat dissipation capacity, though less forced air cooling scheme, but due to external don't need to install the fan inverter, can achieve IP65 protection grade, and low noise, high reliability, eliminate due to fan failure caused by the cooling capacity attenuation power derating, easy maintenance, low cost. As the output power increase and a decrease in volume, heat capacity will be the largest group of string type inverter design bottlenecks. Aiming at this problem, can through the adoption of copper aluminum composite, heat pipes, panels, including strengthen the way to decrease the thermal resistance, enhance the radiator cooling capacity. Another important way is to increase one chamber internal flow fan to improve the internal hot and cavity cooling capacity, disturbed flow fan because inside the cavity, there is no protection problem, even if failure, little influence on the overall heat capacity and power. Effect of heat dissipation design as shown in figure 2, 3. Figure 2 without external fan, natural cooling, sediment control ability strong internal force figure 3 turbulence, reasonable layout, to eliminate hot spots can be seen from table 1, there is no external fan group string type inverter, whether protection level and reliability, and anti-corrosion ability, have obvious advantages. Although the cooling ability are relatively weak, but can be by huawei's unique and efficient cooling solutions. Table 1 with and without external external fan fan cooling scheme comparison group string type inverter because most of the work in high temperature, dust, sun, rain, such as bad outdoor applications, if using forced air cooling, fan is easy to damage, short service life, frequent replacement of fan in addition to the influence the capacity of the products, also can bring expensive maintenance costs; In addition, such as inverter is installed on the user walls and attic, forced air cooling of the noise will be likely to cause customer complaints. And use natural cooling products, no fan, product long-term high reliability in operation and low noise, so the hot heat, no fan design become the key competitiveness of outdoor small power inverter. Along with the commercial set of string type inverter, high capacity, convenient maintenance and maintenance is the core of customer care indicators, the existence of external fan inverter is a serious obstacle to the realization of the above indexes, so no external fan design for set of string type inverter, is both a challenge, and the trend of the development of the future.
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