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Economy how to design the best solar off-grid system

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-06
Modern day cannot leave the electricity, we usually take it for granted that electricity is anytime, anywhere can get things, however, in the world today is more than 2 billion people live in power shortage areas, they live in poverty or in remote areas, away from power plants and public power grid, because there was no electricity, they can't enjoy the information and convenience brought about by the modern civilization to life. In recent years as the photovoltaic equipment: component, storage battery, inverter prices fall, the cost of pv system decline year by year. Diesel prices tend to rise in the current situation, the photovoltaic off-grid system also began to enter into people's horizons, practice has proved that in large projects, diesel generating sets and photovoltaic system structure of hybrid power supply system has better efficiency. 1, photovoltaic power generation cost analysis at the beginning of photovoltaic power generation has the characteristics of the high cost of investment, low operation and maintenance cost, in the analysis of photovoltaic power generation efficiency, costs and benefits should be to point to in photovoltaic system life cycle of the total costs and total benefits. Policy-related subsidies must be included in the analysis process of an important factor that can offset part of the grid photovoltaic system construction cost. Grid photovoltaic power generation system of life cycle cost = investment cost + operation maintenance Subsidies, grid pv system cost of investment, including photovoltaic modules, batteries, inverter, power distribution cabinet, bracket, cable and other equipment and materials purchase expense, and engineering construction fee and transportation; Operation maintenance fee including operating personnel salary, inverter and other electrical equipment maintenance, photovoltaic modules QingXiFei, pv system operating period for 20 - commonly 30 years; Photovoltaic system construction and operation period to enjoy the policy of total subsidy. With coal-fired power generation fuel energy need to purchase, transportation, storage and processing residues, photovoltaic system input energy from the sun, do not need other energy photovoltaic system during the operating period, and almost do not produce residue. If the fixed installation of pv array, no delicate rotating parts in photovoltaic system, and the service life of the main electrical equipment such as components in more than 20 years, the system maintenance workload is very small. So photovoltaic system operation and maintenance costs significantly lower than the traditional power system operation and maintenance costs. Photovoltaic system efficiency is proportional to the output, and the key factors of photovoltaic power system with photovoltaic modules rated capacity, the solar radiation and photovoltaic system efficiency. Photovoltaic modules is rated capacity under the condition of standard test peak output power of photovoltaic components, due to the site condition is different from the standard test condition, photovoltaic modules actual output power depending on the scene of the solar radiation. In addition, the pv system output power should also be included in the various losses, and the influence of aging derating. Photovoltaic power generation is influenced by the weather is very large, rainy days can not generate electricity, so in system design, want to consider the local weather. The electricity requirements of users, consider the number of days of continuous rainy day. 2 diesel generator, diesel generator cost analysis of life cycle cost as follows: diesel power generation cost of investment, mostly purchase expense of diesel generating sets and supporting facilities, the construction cost; In the life cycle fuel; Is the operation of the unit life cycle maintenance cost. Mainly include unit within the life cycle of the cost of maintenance costs, such as oil supplies. In fees, fuel for a large proportion, it depends on the diesel generator within the life cycle of total generating capacity, fuel consumption rate and the average price of diesel. Below to make a comparison between a 30 kw system, pure off-grid photovoltaic (pv), diesel engine, glossy complementary and other three systems, installed in the island, is the main load lighting, fan, water desalination equipment, electricity during the day 50 degrees, 90 degrees at night, take 4 hours and average sunshine time, continuous rainy day is 2 days. 30 kw off-grid system consists of photovoltaic modules, stents, batteries, inverter, including the cost of components and battery is highest, the service life of components for 25 years, the life of the battery for 5 years, the life of the inverter for 15 years. Choose 40 kva, depending on the load requirements, the inverter machine components 45 kw, 174 pieces of battery 2 v2000ah, initial investment of about 750000. Oil pause in dongfeng cummins 4 bt3. At the beginning of 9 g2, endowment cost of 4. 50000 yuan. Diesel average price is 6000 yuan/ton, the unit in 1000 hours of electricity 300 degrees, 5 diesel consumption. 5 tons, fuel is 3. 30000. If operation maintenance fee shall approximate estimates that 10% of the fuel and diesel oil storage costs, 30 kw diesel generator in 1000 hours in the net cost of life cycle for 3. 840000 yuan. Diesel power generation cost of 1. 28 yuan/degrees glossy complementary system consists of photovoltaic power generation is given priority to, is assisted with diesel engine, when the battery is not designed to rainy day, choose 40 kva, inverter machine components 45 kw, 174 pieces of battery 2 v500ah, 30 kw diesel engine, early in 450000. In recent years due to the grid photovoltaic (pv) system and the key components of the price continues to decline, and the meter and the subsidies, photovoltaic power generation cost has been achieved and the cost of the economic level of power supply, can form economy better electricity system solutions. Region in the absence of power grid, diesel generating sets and pv systems constitute a hybrid power supply system, compared with single diesel unit made, low maintenance cost, no noise, power generation costs are low. And pure off-grid pv, can save a lot of expensive battery, comprehensive cost is low. The analysis of the grid photovoltaic power generation efficiency, shall be for the whole life cycle cost, subsidies and benefits on detailed analysis of not only consider the initial investment cost.
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