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5 tips for maintaining solar panels -

by:Fangpusun     2020-03-05
Is it difficult to maintain solar panels?What is involved in proper maintenance of solar panels?Solar panels are one of the most easily maintained renewable sources of energy.Unlike wind power systems, solar power systems do not have moving parts, which means there are not many parts that could go wrong.Solar panels usually require little maintenance and little repair.Still, there are a few things you need to consider to make sure the system is working properly.Here are some tips and suggestions that can help you extend the service life of your system, avoid any trouble with your system, and help you achieve maximum system performance and power output.The most important skill to keep the panel clean is to keep the panel clean.This will ensure that you get the maximum power output from the system.Consider checking the cleanliness of the panel around each month.If you notice any dust, bird feces or leaves, wash your panels with a sponge or rinse them with a garden hose.Avoid moisture and moisture your solar panel will normally not be damaged by moisture, but your spare battery, power inverter or diode can.Even if your system may be well sealed, you need to check and make sure that it is not possible for moisture to penetrate into the system and make certain parts of it unoperable.If you have a larger system, keep the panel without shadows (E.G.g.24 V) connect a series of units together and you need to make sure the system has no shadows.Larger systems often have Bypass diodes, which will allow the current to spread around the shaded area without being damaged by a stronger current.However, just in case, it\'s best to make sure your system doesn\'t have a shadow, or the shadow is evenly distributed across as many cells/panels as possible.If you suspect that your battery may discharge at night, use a smaller 12 v system (I.e., You notice that the battery has less energy in the morning compared to the night before), and the problem may be that there is no blocking diode in your settings.The smaller 12 v system can work without a blocking diode, while the larger system needs to work with the blocking diode, which will prevent the battery from running out at night.If your system stops working, you need to analyze what may be wrong.The most common problems with solar systems include: disconnected wires that need to be reconnected, faulty inverters that need to be replaced, and faulty diodes, if the system is less than 12 V, it may also need to be replaced (or simply removed ).As you can see, it\'s easy to maintain solar panels.This could be another reason why so many homeowners today choose this renewable energy instead of wind energyEnergy and other renewable energy systems.With proper maintenance, the solar system can provide you with up to 25-40 years, no failure.
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