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which is better MPPT OR PWM?

which is better MPPT OR PWM?


Which is better MPPT OR PWM?


1. More efficient - can be up to 30% more efficient than PWM
2. Can handle higher voltage and amperage levels
3. Can convert excess voltage into amperage to increase power output
4. More expensive


1. Less expensive
2. Simpler design and operation
3. Suitable for smaller installations where efficiency is less of a concern
4. Not as efficient as MPPT

Both MPPT and PWM controllers have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the specific application and the user's needs and budget.

How big of a solar charge controller do I need?

The size of the solar charge controller you need depends on several factors:

1. Solar panel capacity: The controller should be able to handle the maximum current and voltage output of your solar panels. Check the datasheet of your panels to determine these values.

2. Battery capacity: The controller should be able to charge the battery bank to capacity safely. Check the battery manufacturer's specification for recommended charge current.

3. System voltage: Check the voltage of your solar panels and battery bank to ensure that the controller is compatible with your system voltage.

4. Climate: Consider the temperature range of your environment as it can affect the performance of the controller. 

Overall, it is recommended to choose a controller that is slightly higher in power capacity than needed to ensure efficient charging and longer lifespan of the controller.

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