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What are the requirements photovoltaic cable?

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-12
Solar photovoltaic application is more and more attention, and how to build a highly efficient green plants, improve the efficiency of power generation is always the focus of the industry focus on photovoltaic industry. Usually people will photovoltaic modules and inverters as the key part of the whole system, the photovoltaic cable this kind of connection parts, often ignored. If the pv cable selection, do not use solar energy application of special cable, the capacity and service life of the whole system will be affected. For photovoltaic applications are usually built in outdoor, so the materials used shall be according to the outdoor ultraviolet radiation, ozone and chemical erosion, severe temperature changes. If use cheap material, will lead to the cable sheath is fragile, and even will break down the cable insulation. So, photovoltaic power station in the photovoltaic cable type selection design should consider the following: 1, the solar energy battery components and the connection between the cable, generally using the component junction box comes with connecting cable connected directly, can also use special extension of the cable length is not enough. According to the size of the component power is different, this kind of connection cable has a cross-sectional area of 2. 5 m㎡, 4。 0m㎡、6. 0 m ㎡ and other three kinds of specifications. This kind of connection cable to use double insulation skin, have excellent uv protection, water, ozone, acid, salt erosion ability, excellent all-weather ability and wear resistance ability. 2, cable connection of the battery and inverter, requires the use of pass the UL test more soft lines, try to connect to the nearest. Choose short and thick cable can reduce system loss, improve efficiency, enhance the reliability. 3, square battery controller or dc junction box, the connection between the cable also requires the use of pass the UL test more flexible wire, cross-sectional area specifications according to output maximum current phalanx. Pv cable as transmission lines between photovoltaic components, like in the system the aorta. The first consideration in the process of selection, the insulation performance of the cable, heat-resistant flame-retardant properties and aging properties and wire diameter specifications features, so as to ensure efficient operation of the photovoltaic power station.
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