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What are the national standard of photovoltaic inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-13
Photovoltaic inverter for photovoltaic power station power conversion unit, in the case of the wide popularity of photovoltaic power station, the core device of the photovoltaic inverter application is more and more. For this kind of clean renewable energy in the world are vigorously support solar photovoltaic (pv). Although the photovoltaic power station in the international market has a broad market, but the national standards for pv inverter custom is not the same. Today is detailed to introduce: standard, number: 1 GB/T 15473 - 1995, the use of nuclear power plant safety level stationary type charging device and the quality of the inverter device identification method, ensure the inverter under prescribed work environment can accomplish the work, this a standard level used in nuclear power plant safety static type charging device and the quality of the inverter device identification, but does not fit in the charging device and the inverter device in the application of the power system of power plant. Standard, number: 2 GB/T 20321. 1 - 2006, off-grid achieved on the technical conditions, wind energy, solar power generation system with inverter, the rules for off-grid, wind energy, solar power generation system with inverter working performance of the experiment. Standard 3, number: GB/T 13422 - 1992, through semiconductor power inverter electrical test standard, the standard rules for the various types of rectifier and inverter, inverter and other two kinds of standards of experimental work in the form of electronic power switch, but the standard is not applicable to motor vehicle types of converter, and special current transformer. Xihe production and pv inverter are in strict accordance with the national standard production, strictly abide by the standards and quality requirements, the user can be at ease use!
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