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The working principle of solar street lamps controller?

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-13
Solar panels belong to photovoltaic devices ( Main parts for semiconductor materials) It happened after a light photoelectric effect creates an electric current. Due to the material and the properties of light and limitations, and its curve are generated by the current volatility, if will be generated by the current directly into electricity directly to load or inside of the battery power supply, is likely to cause damage to battery and load, severely reduces their life. So we must first into the current solar controller, adopting a series of special chip to adjust on the digital circuit, and join the multistage charging and discharging protection, ensure running safety and service life of the battery and load. Also let the battery to a load of power supply, current flowing into the first solar controller, after the regulation of it, then put the current to the load. The purpose: one is to stabilize the discharge current; The second is to keep the battery from over discharge; Three is to carry out a series of monitoring the load and battery protection. To use the ac electric equipment, also need to load before joining inverter for ac inverter. Solar controller, solar street light controller, new energy, solar power inverter
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