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The working principle of pv inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-16
Pv inverter as an important core in the solar power system, directly converts direct current (dc) to alternating current for the use of the user. So what are the working principle of the photovoltaic inverter is how? The inverter manufacturer for everybody to introduce the working principle of pv inverter in detail? Inverter to convert direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac), the process of the inverter circuit to complete the function of inverter circuit, inverter can realize the function of inverter devices. Photovoltaic inverter ( Also known as the power supply regulator) , is one of the inverter, the inverter commonly used light volt generating system, so it called 'photovoltaic inverter. Photovoltaic inverter in addition to the direct communication transform function, also has run automatically, downtime and maximum power tracking control functions. 1, all control inverter working principle: output for the commonly used single phase full bridge inverter main circuit, ac components using IGBT tube Q11, Q12, Q13, Q14 during April 12-15. And controlled by the PWM pulse width modulation IGBT tube conduction or deadline. After the inverter circuit is connected to a dc power supply, first by the Q11, Q14 during April 12-15 conduction, Q1, Q13 deadline, the positive output current by the dc power supply, the Q11, L, or feeling, figure 1 - transformer primary winding 2, the cathode to the Q14 during April 12-15 back to power. When the end of the Q11, Q14 during April 12-15, Q12, Q13 conduction, current from positive Q13, 2 - transformer primary winding 1 electric feel negative Q12 returned to power. At this point, on the transformer primary winding, has formed the positive and negative alternating square-wave, using high frequency PWM control, two alternating repetition of IGBT tubes, produce ac voltage on the transformer. Because the LC ac filter function, make the output end to form sine wave ac voltage. When Q11, Q14 during April 12-15 shut off, in order to release the stored energy in the IGBT parallel diode D11, D12, make energy returns to the dc power supply. Type 2, half controlled inverter working principle: half controlled type inverter adopts thyristor components. Th1, Th2 work for alternating thyristor, a Th1 trigger conduction first, the current through the transformer through the Th1, at the same time due to the effect of induction of the transformer, commutation capacitor C is charging voltage of power supply to big 2 times. According to their Th2 triggered conduction, because of the Th2 anode reverse bias, Th1 cut-off, return to the blocking state. In this way, Th1 and Th2 converter, and then charging capacitor C and reverse polarity. So touch hair crystal thyratron alternately, alternating current flow to the primary transformer, in the transformer secondary alternating current. In the circuit, the discharge current of the inductor L can restrict the commutation capacitance C, extend the time of discharge, ensure the circuit is greater than the cut-off time of thyristor turn-off time, large capacitor without capacity. D1 and D2 are two feedback diode, inductance L of energy can be released, will the reversing of the remaining energy back to the power supply, complete energy feedback effects. Keywords: inverter more articles about photovoltaic inverter shows: the Chinese photovoltaic products under the anti-dumping in the future how to go out?
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