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The working principle of pv inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-16
A lot of people don't know the working principle of pv inverter? Actually photovoltaic inverter is the core of the whole inverter r &d and production, directly affect the energy conversion efficiency. Both in user, and inverter manufacturers are long. In order to let everybody understand the working principle of the inverter with years of experience in technology and detailed references summarizes the working principle of the inverter, the working principle of pv inverter: 1. Direct current (dc) can pass oscillation circuit into alternating current (ac) 2. The alternating current through the coil of the booster ( Then get the square wave ac) 3. Alternating current (AC) obtained by the rectified sine wave AC - DC is relatively simple in circuit, the discharge current of the inductor L can restrict the commutation capacitance C, extend the time of discharge, ensure the circuit is greater than the cut-off time of thyristor turn-off time, without great capacitor capacity. D1 and D2 are two feedback diode, inductance L of energy can be released, will the reversing of the remaining energy back to the power supply, complete energy feedback effects. Keywords: inverter more articles about photovoltaic inverter show: inverter manufacturers is introduced: photovoltaic inverter configuration selection
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