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【 The working number 】 What are the pv inverter specifications

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-25
【 The working number 】 Photovoltaic inverter specifications what photovoltaic inverter grew up to several hundred to a few kilowatts, users can according to their own needs to choose the right photovoltaic inverter products. Usually an inverter ( Especially in high power inverter) Pick up will be many string of photovoltaic modules, and each string composed of multiple components in series. Each component of the working point can't consistent, this makes the differences between each string of output voltage and current. As far as possible in order to improve the power of array, inverter with MPPT algorithm to maximize the output of the array. To introduce the following xihe photovoltaic inverter and shape and characteristics: photovoltaic off-grid inverter series: PV1800 VHM ( 2 kw - 5千瓦) PV1800 HM( 2 kw - 5千瓦) PV2000 PK( 1 kw - 2千瓦) PV3000 MPK( 1 kw - 6千瓦) PV3500( 4 kw - 12千瓦) Photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter series: PH5000 ( 3 kw - 6千瓦) PH5000( 10 kw - 20千瓦) PH5000( 30 kw - 60千瓦) Photovoltaic energy storage inverter series: PH1000 ( 3. 6千瓦, 5千瓦) PH1800 PLUS( 1 kw - 5千瓦) PH3000( 2. 5KVA- 5 kva) PH3000( 9千瓦/ 12千瓦)
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