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The role of photovoltaic island device specific protection configuration function have?

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-10
Now photovoltaic power station in the power system of more and more big, along with the development of photovoltaic power station, the relevant knowledge of photovoltaic (pv) also gained popularity, the role of photovoltaic island prevention device, what are the specific protection configuration function? The following with photovoltaic inverter manufacturers to learn together. Now photovoltaic power station in power system, the share of more and more big, not only has centralized large photovoltaic (pv), and distributed small pv power station. From the beginning of the northwest area gradually expanded to north China, southern China that most areas of China. The construction site by the desolate desert, next door, the mountains gradually to personnel gathered country, city. For small photovoltaic power station, should have fast monitoring island and the ability to disconnect instantly connected to the grid. For the large and medium-sized photovoltaic power station, utility grid relay protection device must ensure that the public power grid failure removal of photovoltaic power station, photovoltaic power station can not set the island protection, including access to users within the grid island protection ability of medium-sized photovoltaic power station by dispatching power department established, based on the rules, a large number of distributed photovoltaic power station will be equipped with isolated protection device. Against the role of isolated device photovoltaic photovoltaic island device in substation main role is the failure to disconnect and network switch, avoid lines have personnel of construction maintenance unnecessary casualties, avoid the grid fault caused by not normal operation of photovoltaic power station, the impact of power plant. Photovoltaic island device protection configuration function has the following points 1, low frequency protection: the frequency in hz - 35 Between 65 hz and used in the low frequency values more than low frequency protection was needed to start, low frequency protection action 200 ms after return immediately. 2, over frequency protection: protect start when the frequency is higher than set value. 3, low voltage protection: when the voltage is lower than the fixed value. 4, over voltage protection: when the voltage is higher than set value. 5, united jumping: support substation side jump, namely when receiving substation side jump opened orders delay tripping export, cut the interconnection switches. 6, frequency mutation: when the frequency fluctuation value exceed the set value, protection action. According to the actual situation and the specific requirements of the local, usually large and medium-sized pv power station can be installed against the island protection, also is not installed, but when the fault must be fast accurate resection interconnection switch. Mainly have the substation in the large and medium-sized photovoltaic power station, station has a relatively complete microcomputer protection device, when the fault occurs, the corresponding microcomputer protection will be timely and accurate movement, photovoltaic sometimes isolated device in power plant as a backup protection. And for distributed photovoltaic power station, because of the installed capacity is small, and low voltage grid, so usually does not build substation. It is for this reason, also to ensure the safety of power grid, according to the requirements of local tend to have photovoltaic island prevention device, the same device, power quality monitoring, etc. More articles about photovoltaic inverter show: China pv demand may hit a new high in 2018
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