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The photoelectric conversion efficiency

by:Fangpusun     2020-11-19

For photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic power generation system is very important for the efficiency, including the conversion efficiency of solar panels and to replace DianZhuan with ac power supply regulator ( PCS) The conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency of solar panels is photoelectric conversion rate, namely in the solar photovoltaic system efficiency of the solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, namely the incident monochromatic photons - Electronic conversion efficiency (  Electron conversion efficiency, abbreviations IPCE) , defined as the unit of time in the internal and external circuit and per unit time the number of the electrons produced can be the ratio of the number of photons incident monochromatic Np. 

 The mathematical expression formula, IPCE = 1240 Isc/( l Pin) Isc, l and Pin, the use of units of mu A cm - respectively 2, the nm and W m - 2. Solar battery photoelectric conversion efficiency is mainly affected by the semiconductor material. Because at present, solar cells, mainly USES the semiconductor material, the sun, electron transfer, so as to generate electricity. Sunlight excitation wavelength depending on the type of the semiconductor. Use a variety of semiconductor compound type solar cell type than the crystalline silicon solar cell theory conversion efficiency is high. Type so, crystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency tends to peak, and the compound type of solar cell conversion efficiency with the improvement of technology development also has the very big room, that is why. Improve the panels of the photoelectric conversion efficiency has always been in the industry development goals. Because, the higher the conversion efficiency, the same power panel area. In terms of million watts photovoltaic power station, set area reduced, including stand construction costs will be reduced. On the contrary, if in the same area covered with panels, conversion efficiency is higher, the greater the power output will be. Limited to your, setting up land area millions of watts photovoltaic power plant business, conversion efficiency will be very important indicators. Now general solar photoelectric conversion rate from 10% to 15%, and some high-tech energy companies abroad has will increase the efficiency to 45%, but the crystal silicon production cost is greatly increased.                                

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