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The installation of photovoltaic inverter and the matters needing attention

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-20
Photovoltaic inverter installation and maintenance of note: 1, before installation should first check to see if the inverter is damaged during the transit. 2, when choosing installation site, should guarantee no other power electronic devices in the surrounding of interference. 3, before the electrical connection, make sure you use opaque material photovoltaic panels will cover or disconnect the dc side circuit breakers. Exposure to sunlight, pv array will produce a dangerous voltage. 4, all operations must be installed and only performed by professional and technical personnel. 5, photovoltaic power generation system used in the cable must be connected and firm, good insulation and specifications. 6, all of the electrical installation must meet the local and national electrical standard. 7, only when the local license after the electric power department and by the professional and technical personnel to complete all electrical connections after the inverter can be parallel. 8, before any repair work, should first disconnect the electrical connection in the inverter to the power grid, and then disconnect the electrical connection in the dc side. 9, wait at least 5 minutes until completion of the internal components discharge before for repair work. 10, any affecting the safe performance of the inverter fault must immediately ruled out before once again open the inverter. 11, avoid unnecessary contact circuit board. 12, abide by the electrostatic protection specification, wear anti-static bracelet. 13, pay attention to and comply with the warning label on the product. 14 preliminary visual inspection before operation, the equipment is damaged or other dangerous state. 15, pay attention to the inverter heat surface. Such as the radiator of the power semiconductors, in inverter power cuts after a period of time, still keep high temperature. Photovoltaic inverter installation position requirements 1, do not install the inverter in direct sunlight. Otherwise it may lead to additional internal temperature of the inverter, the inverter will derating operation to protect the internal components. Even the temperature too high temperature fault trigger inverter. 2, choose to install field should be strong enough to support the weight of the inverter for a long time. 3, the environment temperature for selected installation site - 25 ° C ~ 50 ° C, install a clean environment. 4, the selected installation site environment humidity no more than 95%, and there shall be no condensation front 5, inverter clearance enough observation data and maintenance easily. 6, as far as possible away from the residents' life, its operation process will produce some noise. 7, installation place not shake.
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