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The high frequency inverter classification and their respective characteristics

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-14
High frequency inverter waveform is divided into two kinds, one kind is pure sine wave, the price is expensive, one kind is modified sine wave, cheaper price, the market generally are repairing the sine wave inverter! Pure sine wave inverter is generally used in precision instruments; Fix the sine wave is a kind of a waveform between sine wave and square wave, the maximum output waveform in the positive to the negative there is a time interval between the maximum, but fix the sinusoidal waveform is still composed of line, belong to the category of square wave, continuity is bad. Modified sine wave inverter power supply switch type adopts PWM pulse width modulation method to generate correct wave output, in the process of inverter, thanks to the dedicated intelligent circuit and high power field effect tube, greatly reduce the power consumption of the system. And increase the function of soft start, effectively guarantee the reliability of the inverter. If the power quality is not very high, sine wave inverter is able to meet the needs of most of the electricity equipment, there are still 20% of the harmonic distortion, but it occurs in precision equipment operation problem, also can cause high frequency interference of communication equipment, so some perceptual electrical and precision instruments, we usually choose pure sine wave inverter, because pure sine wave inverter output is very stable, even better than that of the mains. Sine wave used in household electrical appliances, basic can meet most of our demand, high efficiency, low noise, price moderate, thus become the mainstream products in the market.
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