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The function of MPPT photovoltaic inverter, principle and algorithm

by:Fangpusun     2020-10-04
MPPT is inverter is the core technology, the MPPT voltage in the photovoltaic power station design a very critical parameters, first of all, let us know the what is MPPT: the full name of the MPPT controller 'maximum power point tracking (' 最大功率点跟踪) Solar controller, is a traditional solar charge controller the upgrading of products. MPPT controller to real-time detect the power voltage of solar panels, and track the highest voltage current value ( VI) And make the system with maximum power output for battery charging. Used in solar photovoltaic system, coordinate the efforts of solar panels, battery, load, is the brain of a photovoltaic system. Maximum power point tracking system is a kind of by adjusting the working state of the electrical module, photovoltaic panels can output more power electrical system to be able to direct current (dc) from the solar panels effectively stored in the battery, can effectively solve the regular power grid can't cover in the remote areas and tourist areas of life and industrial electricity, do not produce environmental pollution. What is the function of MPPT? Due to the received light intensity of solar battery and environmental impact of external factors, such as the output of changes, the light intensity of electricity, with MPPT photovoltaic inverter is the most power tracing in order to make full use of solar cells, and make it run at maximum power point. That is to say, in the case of solar radiation is constant, with output power after the MPPT will be higher than before the MPPT, that is the function of MPPT. Haven't said assumptions MPPT started tracking when the component output voltage is 500 v, then the MPPT began tracking, started by the internal circuit structure adjust of resistance on the back, to change the component output voltage, change the output current at the same time, until the largest output power ( Hypothesis is 550 v) Since then have been tracking, so that is to say, in the case of solar radiation is constant, components in the output voltage is 550 v, output power will be higher than 500 v, this is the function of MPPT. The principle of maximum power point tracking with the development of electronic technology, the current solar array MPPT control is usually done through a DC/DC conversion circuit. The principle block diagram as shown in the figure below. Photovoltaic array connected to the load through a DC/DC circuit, constant current of pv array maximum power tracking device voltage variation, and according to the change of DC/DC converter duty ratio of PWM drive signal to adjust. MPPT system principle block diagram for linear circuits, when the load resistance is equal to the internal resistance of power supply, power supply which has the maximum power output. Although the photovoltaic cells and DC/DC conversion circuit is strongly nonlinear, within a very short time, however, can be thought of as linear circuits. Therefore, as long as the DC - adjustment DC conversion circuit equivalent resistance makes it always equal photovoltaic battery internal resistance, can achieve the maximum output of photovoltaic battery, has realized the MPPT of photovoltaic cells. MPPT algorithm at present, the pv array maximum power point tracking ( MPPT) Technology, have certain research both at home and abroad, to develop various control methods often, commonly used there are several: constant voltage tracking method ( Constant Voltage Tracking CVT) And interfere with the method of observation, 摄动和Observationmethod简称P& O) , incremental conductance method ( 增量Conductancemethod简称公司) , based on the gradient variable step conductance increment method and so on. ( These algorithms can only be used under the condition of without sunscreen) 1) Single peak power output of MPPT algorithm at present, under the condition of without sunscreen, pv array maximum power point tracking ( MPPT) The control method of commonly used have the following kinds: constant voltage tracking method ( Constant Voltage Tracking CVT) Interfere with the method of observation, 摄动和Observationmethod简称P& O) The incremental conductance method ( 增量Conductancemethod简称公司) Based on gradient variable step conductance increment method, and so on. 2) Peak power output more common MPPT algorithm of maximum power tracking algorithm, such as hair and incremental conductance method in disturbance observation under the shade of a cloud are likely to failure, can't realize the real meaning of maximum power tracking. At present, the international on a multiple peak of MPPT algorithm is advanced, mainly includes the following three: composite MPPT algorithm of conventional algorithm combining with the Fibonacci method of short circuit current pulse method summary: at present the industry has been realized to the importance of inverter MPPT channel more, many MPPT group bunch of photovoltaic inverter has been widely recognized.
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