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The difference between the sine wave and pure sine wave inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-04-28
At present, the domestic photovoltaic power generation system ( PhotoVoltaic Sys - Tem, PVS) Mainly based on the dc system is given priority to, but the most common form of electricity load is ac load, the dc power supply of photovoltaic power make it difficult to popularized as a commodity. At the same time, due to the solar photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation can do without a battery, and simple maintenance, and save the investment is the development trend of photovoltaic power generation. All of these must adopt ac power supply, so the inverter in the application of PVS is becoming more and more important. Inverter is to dc transform into alternating current (ac) power conversion unit, inverter technology in power electronic technology has been relatively mature. UPS power supply, for example, the inverter, inverter technology of frequency conversion technology, special inverter technology in the power supply and power regulator of inverter technology and so on, these are in the form of a product to market, and is widely recognized by society. Waveform of inverter mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is a sine wave inverter ( The pure sine wave inverter) , another kind is fixed wave inverter ( Modified sine wave) 。 Sine wave inverter output is the same as our daily use of power grid and even better sinusoidal alternating current (ac), because it does not exist in the grid electromagnetic pollution. Modified sine wave ( Or the modified sine wave, sine wave, analog sine wave, etc. ) Inverters, the output waveform from a positive to a negative maximum value has a maximum time interval, use effect is improved, but quasi sinusoidal waveform is still composed of line, still belong to the category of square wave, continuity, and dead zone exists. Modified sine wave inverter generally adopts the isolation coupling circuit, the pure sine wave inverter adopts the isolation coupling circuit design its price also differs a lot. The square wave inverter manufacture easy multivibrator, its technology belongs to the level of the '50 s, will exit the market gradually. Generally, provides the high quality pure sine wave inverter ac, can drive any kind of load, sine wave conversion efficiency is highest, minimum loss, but the technical requirements and costs are high. Modified sine wave inverter generally adopts the isolation coupling circuit, the pure sine wave inverter adopts the isolation coupling circuit design. Modified sine wave inverter can meet the demand of most of our electricity, high efficiency, noise, price moderate, thus become the mainstream products in the market. Pure sine wave inverter, high efficiency, stable sine wave output, high frequency technology, small volume, light weight, suitable for all kinds of load. Can connect any common electrical equipment ( Including the television, liquid crystal display) Without any interference, For example: a buzz and television noise) 。
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