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The difference between square wave inverter and sine wave inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-06-09
Inverter square wave inverter and the sine wave inverter square wave inverter although barrel single structure, low cost, but due to the harmonic is too much, perceptual, capacitive circuit is not suitable for work, and the sine wave inverter on the market price is generally higher, make some users, thereby limiting its popularization and application. This paper mainly introduces a kind of simple practical sine wave inverter. Sine wave pulse modulation is the key to the sine wave inverter, they all need a sine wave generator, use it to produce the sine wave and triangle wave ( Sawtooth wave) Comparison, the realization of sine wave modulation. There are many ways to produce the sine wave method and. Usually have two categories, analog and digital application method, through the different multiple ways to achieve them. If use belt filter circuit and sinusoidal oscillator generator circuit, composed of positive feedback amplifier circuit, this is the most commonly used classic circuit, but the adjustment is relatively complex, frequency accuracy is not high. And with the methods of function generator to generate sine wave circuit. With large-scale application-specific integrated circuit and single chip of sinusoidal pulse width modulation circuit. By using EPROM and D/A conversion to produce sinusoidal reference voltage is also A kind of commonly used method. With pulse width modulation (PWM) is the latest DSP processor to realize high speed data of a kind of method, due to the introduction of computer technology, the need to increase a lot of software development and design work, although the complex coefficient of circuit and the cost are increased, but it's really a good design method of the large capacity inverter. Based on the above situation, we study a use cheap single chip microcomputer is designed sine wave pulse modulation circuit, inverter, control and protection, the structure of the inverter is more simple, stable and reliable performance.
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