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The classification of the photovoltaic inverter, principle, function is what?

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-18
Pv inverter as the key of photovoltaic power station equipment, ensure the photovoltaic inverter energy conversion. As the growth of the photovoltaic (pv) than you picked up and ushered in the development of pv inverter market. Global pv inverter market is worth more than the $7. 1 billion market. And what is function classification, the principle of photovoltaic inverter? Inverter manufacturer in detail introduce today: classification of photovoltaic inverter currently pv inverter market competition is increasingly fierce, various brands of various types of inverter are flowers in the market, in terms of the total in the photovoltaic power generation systems, inverter follow up can be divided into independent model according to utility power source and grid with two. In the photovoltaic industry, the discretion of the inverter efficiency is to determine solar battery capacity and the size of the battery capacity factor. Photovoltaic inverter principle of photovoltaic inverter by booster circuit and inverter circuit of bridge type, booster circuit is mainly used in the dc voltage booster to the required dc voltage inverter output, inverter bridge circuit is mainly used to convert the dc voltage after booster to fixed frequency ac voltage. As a result, the booster circuit and inverter bridge circuit to complete converts dc to ac point of function. Photovoltaic inverter inverter not only has direct communication transform function, also has the maximize the function of the solar cell performance and system fault protection function. Sum up are run automatically and stop function, maximum power tracking control function, prevent separate operation function ( Grid system use) , automatic voltage regulation function ( Grid system use) , dc detection ( Grid system use) , dc grounding detection ( Grid system use) 。 Pv inverter as important conversion equipment, its function principle and classification are the users to understand. Keywords: photovoltaic inverter more articles about inverter show: inverter manufacturer _ energy-storage inverter should be how to understand?
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