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The advantage of the grid inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-11-08
Grid inverter is generally used in the large system of photovoltaic power station, this type of inverter is generally by each of the pv modules connected to a single inverter, then both use and cooperate to achieve the unification, so as to realize the power supply of power plant. As a kind of commonly used what are the advantages in the inverter, photovoltaic power generation systems? PH5000 series of medium-sized three-phase photovoltaic inverter adopts advanced DSP digital control, the new appearance design, makes the product has good heat dissipation performance. Using new circuit structure, improve conversion efficiency at the same time, improve the reliability of the product and the life of the products. With super wide pv input voltage, make its can be applied to small photovoltaic power station, and multimachine parallel applied in large-scale photovoltaic power station. 1, a broader application: research xu three-phase photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter not only to provide intelligent solutions for households with a roof, plant can also be applied to small business, users can have more choice. 2, big power density, due to their high three-phase inverter output voltage, power under current is relatively low, so the wastage of the internal components is relatively small, can be done with power a bit smaller. 3, high output power quality: small influence on grid voltage. The current output relative to the single phase locus to smaller, and the output of the machine to the power grid cables, online resistance line, the pressure drop is smaller on the cables, small influence on grid voltage, would not have raised a lot of power grid voltage. Grid inverter product features: s maximum conversion efficiency is as high as 98. (8% s dc and ac lightning protection function 生长标准的Ⅱ) S to support multiple communication interface, RS485, USB, GPRS, WIFI s MPPT tracking efficiency more than more than 99. 9% s excellent heat dissipation design, component temperature is lower and longer life s industry the highest level of IP68 fan s integration bus MPPT function s 4 road
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