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Solar street lamps of lightning protection

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-24
Summer arrived, the hot weather, frequent thunderstorms weather, especially in the south, the thunderstorm weather of Trinidad and Tobago, caused quite a threat to the safety of the solar street light. In general, our solar street light system voltage is 12 v / 24 v, belong to the safe voltage, but it doesn't represent the solar street light there is no need to make the lightning protection. Say the lightning protection of solar street lamps, I feel the most important thing is to light pole grounding, solar street lamps controller built-in TVS detonator, generally don't use a light source or panels do meet ShanQi. The practice of grounding, street lamp foundation reinforcing cage in 0. Below 50 m, the steel surface area is greater than zero. 37 m2, can be used as the grounding body. If not meet this requirement, it will increase the artificial earthing body, can use the 3 root 2. Article 5 Angle steel or copper buried, depth greater than zero. 7 m, then the lock on the light pole, to ensure the effective connection of the Angle and light pole, light pole foundation must be connected with a fixed and reliable. Have a reliable grounding, when lightning, lightning enormous energy through the guide into the land wasted light pole, and prevent the harm the LED street light equipment.
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