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Solar street lamps controller - Solar photovoltaic market is facing difficulties

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-17
Challenge 1: industry from over-reliance on Europe to rely too much on the growth of the global pv market in China is actually the three pv market growth, China, America and Japan in 2016, the Japanese market is full of uncertainty, faces an uncertain future, is likely to be cut and interconnection problems because of the policy and a precipice; The European market this year and is expected to flat, keep at 8 ~ 10 gw level; The Chinese market in 2016 established 12 gw of installed capacity will occupy one-third of the global share. China pv industry from the past rely solely on Europe evolved into domestic market, but risk is still larger. Photovoltaic enterprises is a kind of luck, however, think that the Chinese government will not be reduced for huge capacity sit by photovoltaic installations, even completely against market rules, and this is all for photovoltaic industry the main reason. But the Chinese market and foreign policies as are typical city, facing the fiscal subsidy pressure is more and more big, the interconnection problem is also very prominent. Countries a large-scale ground plant installed capacity, a strong start distributed photovoltaic market, distributed can take responsibility is unclear, need time to test and verify. Market for distributed, after all, it is not how much the government planning and construction, but depends on whether the enterprise is willing to build, whether or not dare to build, so the market uncertainty remains high. Challenge 2: grid enthusiasm is still a big problem in China pv market total installed capacity has breakthrough 10 gigawatts (gw), the next 5 ~ 10 years the annual pv installations will be more than 10 gw, already no longer is the noble in power generation market, no longer fantasy enjoy free service grid enterprises. If the pv power as a commodity, is the root of the competitiveness of commodities subject to inspection at the final price, the price include the cost of production and circulation costs, in this case, the current cost is obviously the benefit (received by power grid enterprises. Photovoltaic industry now to measure their own competitiveness is always put the production cost of photovoltaic power generation and residents or enterprise, in comparison with the electricity price for the final cost of this kind of comparison is unreasonable, is also an expression of the guilty. At the same time, even if photovoltaic power generation into the distributed completely, also cannot leave the support of grid enterprises, energy storage for photovoltaic power generation not to solve the problem, there is no guarantee that every generation constant, off-grid model doesn't work at all. No matter what form need power grid enterprise support. Recently introduced new policies are very good light volt power generation company, ignore the power grid enterprise interests, this model will not last. Challenge 3: corporate performance stage are very volatile in 2016 China pv enterprises lies in the domestic pv market very much, but the domestic pv market quarterly demand fluctuation is very big, the corresponding business performance will be up and down the state, may to a certain extent, increase the labor costs of enterprises, or cause a large number of OEM, OEM phenomenon appear, this is not conducive to healthy development of the industry. Volatility is the main policy to rob, to product quality, plant construction quality have a negative impact, also shows the industry exist speculative, alarming. In short, China pv market has a great future and is on the way to the ups and downs, do not continue to work on the generating cost, as long as the industry of photovoltaic power generation may not have imagined a better future. Xihe lighting technology co. , LTD. , dedicated to provide, and solar street lamps controller, solar controller, mains complementary controller, etc. If photovoltaic can really outbreaks, industry and market, the long term the government only half-heartedly.
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