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Solar street lamps controller for solar street light

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-19
In recent years, countries began to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, to build a new solar energy equipment. Solar street lamps with safe, convenient installation, low maintenance cost, long service life, solar street light into solar panels, battery, solar street light controller, light pole, lamp holder and other parts, among them, the controller is an important part of the solar street lamps, solar street lamps controller manufacturers to analyse why must have a solar controller to solar street lamps light? So why need solar street light controller to solar street lamps light? A, control effect under the normal working state, when the solar panels after to recharge the battery for solar street lamps controller, the controller will automatically detect a charging voltage, when the solar controller of intelligent chip to control the led lamps and lanterns is not output voltage output end, so you can have the control of the led light. Second, the booster function under normal working condition, solar street light controller cannot detect the output voltage, solar controller to control output voltage from the output end, if the battery voltage is 24 v, and need to be normal about need 36 v lights on demand, in order to meet the demand of the light source, the input voltage, increase the voltage controller. This time must be through the solar street lamps controller can realize the led lights. Three, voltage stabilizing function when the solar panels to the battery to charge, it is very unstable voltage, if recharged directly, will reduce the life of the battery or damage of the solar street light controller of voltage stabilizing function of the input battery voltage to constant voltage current limit, when the battery power is enough, for its small current charging, charging or not. Application is a new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection science and technology of the high and new technology enterprise. Company products include: solar street lamps controller series, solar garden light controller series, the scenery complementary controller, LED constant current source, photovoltaic (pv) after day control system, digital power supply and communication system, etc. Welcome friends in need to call the advisory!
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