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Solar LED street lamp lighting effect is related to what factor

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-20
There are often some customers asked me, why the same power of LED street lights, he made effect is not as good as others? First of all, we have to be clear, to compare the lighting effect, we have to down and contrast in the same conditions. The output power is consistent, install a good lens. Under the same conditions and then to find the other differences. My discussions with a number of experienced LED street lamp head designer, the same output power of solar LED lighting effect, if there are differences in general is two things: 1, the street lamp head heat not ready; 2, although with is 1 w leds, but there are still a lot of difference. First of all, the cooling do is good, the LED light and life has great influence. If the heat emitted by leds is not dispersed in time, will cause the nonuniform distribution of thermal stress, will cause the chip light-emitting efficiency and phosphor excitation efficiency decline. When the temperature changes, the performance of the LED and encapsulation structure will be affected, which affect the reliability of the leds. So, try to choose the lamp holder of cooling effect is better, do not covet is cheap to use heat the lamp holder of cut corners. Second, its parameters affecting the effects of LED lighting is very much also. Such as the LED luminous flux, mild color chip size will have an impact on its glow. The same brand of chips, you use 35 mil chip that would probably be 45 mil effect is good, in addition, different brands of chips, effect also exists difference. So-called a price points a points goods.
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