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Solar inverter what are the key components?

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-21
As photovoltaic power station application more and more widely, people expect more and more high for green energy. Especially the development and utilization of solar energy, promote the development of renewable energy. And solar photovoltaic power generation system, has the advantages of renewable, high reliability, safety, widely application. And one of the most important solar inverters are the important components of plant. Xihe small make up to you and to introduce today: 1, the ac contactor connected inverter and the exchange system of the automatic control of key components, inverter devices for grid-connected power generation conditions, the grid contactor closing, inverters connected with power grid. On the other hand, the disconnect. 2, communication circuit breaker is static physical isolation between the inverter and the power grid components, usually molded case circuit breaker a circuit breaker or framework. 3, ac/dc lightning surge protector installed on the power cord, when lightning invasion of power transmission line, the lightning current drain on the earth, and limit the lightning overvoltage in power equipment are within the allowed under pressure, in order to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.
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