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Several patterns of solar street light controller is introduced

by:Fangpusun     2020-07-22
Solar street lamps controller is mainly used in household, commercial districts, factories, such as traffic, communication, pastoral areas in the solar power supply system. Below small make up to make a brief introduction of solar street lamps controller mode and wiring methods: mode 1, pure electric mode: when there is no sunlight, light intensity to initiate controller delay for 10 minutes after the start signal according to the set parameters are open load, load began to work; Light intensity when the sun rises to initiate controller delay closed after 10 minutes to confirm closed signal output, load stop working. 2, electric + control mode: the boot process is the same as pure light-controlled, work to set a time when the load is automatically closed, set the time 1 ~ 14 hours. 3, manual mode: this mode the user can through the button control load on and off, regardless of whether or not during the day or night. This pattern is used in some special load situations or debugging use. 4, debug mode: used in the use of system debugging, has the light signal the close the load, the light signal open load, convenient installation and debugging when checking the correctness of the system installation. 5, normally open mode: electricity load keep output state, this model is suitable for power supply load need to 24 hours.
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