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saving money using power inverters with your magnetic power system

by:Fangpusun     2020-03-22
Your efforts to start generating electricity at home so far have done a good job so you can eliminate the electricity bill.
You took a step. by-
Step guide make your magnetic generator run well and output voltage easily so you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill.
Your charging controller and battery pack are in place and can be activated at any time.
All you need now is a power inverter, a device that converts DC voltage to AC voltage so you can use it on your home appliance.
Here I will discuss the ins and outs of the power inverter so you can save a lot of money by generating electricity at home.
The power inverter changes the DC to AVThe power inverter to connect directly to your battery pack.
Here you can \"plug in\" the device to use the power generated by your magnetic generator.
AC is alternating current, and its polarity is constantly changing.
This means that it sends the current in one way through the circuit, and then quickly reverses and sends the current in another way, about 60 times per second.
In the case that the DC current is not connected, the current only flows through the circuit continuously.
The inverter increases the DC voltage and then changes it to AC before outputting the DC voltage to power the device.
There are three main types of inverters, basically three types: square wave, corrected square wave, pure sine wave.
The square wave inverter is a very rough output and is only suitable for the most basic application types such as standard filament lighting.
This type is very cheap but usually not suitable for home use.
The improved square wave inverter is the most common and popular inverter type and will work with most household appliances.
However, they are not suitable where the motor speed control or timer is involved.
The pure sine wave inverter produces the cleanest and best AC output, but the highest cost.
It can be used with the most sensitive type of appliance, and if your budget can afford it then the cost is well worth it.
The size of the power inverter is determined according to your battery pack voltage and system load.
The 12 V battery pack is very common, but it is ideal for 24 V or even 48 V because it reduces the current of the whole system.
The most common thing about power inverters is 12 volts, but it is recommended to use 24 volts if you can afford it.
They are available in various sizes ranging from 10 watts to 5000 watts.
You can stack two smaller inverters in parallel to double the power requirements.
For example, in the case of keeping the system voltage unchanged, two 1000-watt inverters can be connected in parallel to meet the load of 2000 watts.
For example, your inverter may be a 12 volt input with a rated power of 1000 watts.
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