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Pv inverter manufacturer a: 12 v pure sine wave inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-24
It is well known that the inverter is the electronic equipment converts direct current (dc) to alternating current. Pure sine wave inverter is used to operate the high-end electronic devices, such as medical equipment, digital music amplifiers, high-end TV, as well as the laser printer supplies. Harmonic distortion of the output voltage waveform is very low. Pv inverter manufacturer in detail introduce today: inverter has two types: true/pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter, are given priority to with transformer. Based on sine wave converter can operate on medium to large units. Net metering installation need these types of inverter. It also used in large saloon car and ship. Pure wave inverter after divided half sine wave is divided into a few Numbers, said after the original sine wave of mathematical operation to generate a pure sine wave. Pure sine wave inverter converts from the 12 v battery to 110 v AC, 50 Hz sine wave. Using micro controller IC is 89 s2051 Atmel. 89 s2051 from port A and port B replace pulse sequence, plus or minus half half sine wave. Pulse sequence after IRF44N MOSFET power switch circuit to the primary side of transformer. Output voltage 110 v AC supply will be on the secondary side of the transformer, and then through the filter LPF filtering and sine wave.
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