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Pure sine wave inverter manufacturers a: the use of the inverter

by:Fangpusun     2020-05-13
For pure sine wave inverter, there are many places in our daily life. Pure sine wave inverter current than the power supply of 220 v is more stable, better quality. It can be applied to every aspect of our lives. . How do we use pure sine wave inverter in life? Pv inverter manufacturer today about the detailed introduction of pure sine wave inverter using specific explanation! The first is the inverter and the power of choice. For the use of the sine wave inverter, we have to pass a battery or other equipment to provide the corresponding power, for example, in daily life, we can also use the car cigarette lighter for sine wave inverter power supply. Car cigarette lighter, of course, can only be connected to the low power equipment. If the power is too large, the electrical appliances can't receive directly by inverter power. Cigarettes, burned cars will seriously damaged car batteries. Usually, the power is less than 300 w electrical part can be connected to the car cigarette lighter to get electricity. This type of inverter is usually referred to as the vehicle inverter. Equipment. For relatively high electrical power, we need to use the clip line. The thickness of the thread clamp is associated with the power of inverter. It is proportional to the relationship. Line directly connected to the battery terminals to connect power supply. For different electrical appliances, we can use different types of pure sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave inverter to drive induction electrical appliances. When choosing inverter, pure sine wave inverter power should be according to the electrical power is slightly bigger than the electrical power, thus inverter overload will not happen. In order to ensure the normal use of inverter and appliances. Such as refrigerator, air conditioner, induction equipment such as pump needs to be pure sine wave inverter or power frequency inverter to drive. The second step is to connect inverter to our power supply; Before we continue, we must first confirm the inverter switches are closed and all machines, that is, they all closed down. Inverter in the first place, we need to connect the battery negative sine wave inverter of the cathode. The positive terminal of the battery is connected to the positive terminal of the sine wave inverter, and electrical devices connected to the inverter, and then turn on the inverter. Using this switch, you can for power supply equipment.
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