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Photovoltaic (pv) inverters have what demand for electrolytic capacitor?

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-04
As an important part of the photovoltaic inverter, main effect is to direct current into alternating current from pv modules. So, photovoltaic inverter have what demand for electrolytic capacitor? Today, the inverter manufacturers to introduce for everybody. 1 general high power and high voltage of the photovoltaic inverter, the alternating current (ac) will translate directly into high voltage power grid, but in terms of safety, the photovoltaic battery output voltage is generally not higher than 900 v, can choose two electrolytic capacitor in series 450 v, but in order to improve the security, can choose only 2 500 v electrolytic capacitor in series. So need to high voltage capacitor to reduce the capacitor grade concatenated and improve reliability. 2, high resistance to ripple ability general photovoltaic inverter for the inverter output current RMS current through the capacitor of 0. 44 times. Such as photovoltaic inverter output voltage of line voltage 250 v, output per 1 kw power corresponding to the output current of about 2. Current through the dc bus capacitor 54 a, 1. 12A。 100 kw photovoltaic inverter dc bus capacitor need through the 112 a RMS current, the rated current of the capacitor chosen should not be lower than this value. If a rated current of the electrolytic capacitor can not meet the requirements, to choose more than needed to obtain current value electrolytic capacitor in parallel manner. So require only high ripple resistance ability of electrolytic capacitor to reduce the number of shunt capacitors, improve overall reliability. 3, long life in the solar power system service life of the photovoltaic panels for 25 years, and become a photovoltaic inverter system generally can only use 5 to 10 years, so the solar power system for the life of the photovoltaic inverter system requirements for the level of 25 years. Passive components for electrolytic capacitor, its negative extremely electrolyte, will slowly dry up as the growth of the use of time and failure. This will need to make longer life of the electrolytic capacitor industry to meet the requirements of the photovoltaic inverter electrolytic capacitor. More articles about photovoltaic inverter show: photovoltaic inverter protection function have?
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