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Photovoltaic inverter what are the requirements?

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-08
Photovoltaic inverter is the core of the entire photovoltaic power station, plays an important role. The circuit through the power electronic switch conduction and shut off, to complete the function of the inverter. So what's the requirement for photovoltaic inverter? ( 1) Requirements with high efficiency. Due to the price of solar cells on the high side, in order to maximize use of solar cells, and improve the efficiency of the system, must try to improve the efficiency of the inverter. ( 2) With high reliability. The photovoltaic power station system is mainly used in remote areas, many power plants unattended and maintenance, which requires the inverter has the reasonable structure of circuit, strict screening of electronic components, instruments and demanded that the inverter for various protective functions, such as: input dc polarity reverse protection, ac output short circuit protection, overheating protection, overload protection, etc. ( 3) The input voltage has wide adaptation scope. Due to the voltage of the solar cell changes over load and sunshine intensity. Especially when the voltage of battery aging change range is very large, such as the 12 v battery, its voltage may change between 10 v ~ 16 v, this requires a dc input voltage inverter in the larger range to ensure the normal work.
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