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Photovoltaic inverter to improve power? Improve the work efficiency?

by:Fangpusun     2020-08-27
Photovoltaic inverter in the photovoltaic system plays an important role, its main function is to convert the direct current (dc) of photovoltaic modules to meet the user use alternating current (ac). And the function of the inverter is not only a inverter, or the safety of the power station housekeeper, for the whole power plant monitoring and protection role. Improve the conversion efficiency of inverter has a great importance. For example, we improve the conversion efficiency of 1%, 500 kw inverter, is 4 hours a day on average, the inverter can emit nearly 20 KWH each day, then more than a year can emit nearly 7300 KWH, 73000 KWH can be more than ten years. This is equivalent to a 5 kw inverter output. So the customer can save a 5 kw inverter power station. So in order to improve the customer's best interests, as much as possible, we need to improve the conversion efficiency of inverter. According to our current project data analysis. Most manufacturers now MPPT efficiency can reach 99% +, that is to say, conversion efficiency is a core factor to affect the total efficiency. Or a competitive core inverter manufacturers. So much attention has been paid to maximum efficiency. Improve efficiency by setting the rational hardware and software, of course, that is research and development workers. Talk about today is how to under the condition of invariable in hardware and software improve the efficiency of the biggest change. First of all, the three main factors influencing the maximum conversion efficiency, inverter working environment temperature, the power and voltage of inverter work. The process of looking for is very simple, is the control variable method. The believe that everybody knows. According to a large amount of data analysis found that the following a few rules. You can share with you. 1. Claims that the working temperature of ambient temperature: most of the inverter are - 25 to 60 degrees. According to the test data, in general, the lower the temperature, the higher the efficiency. 2. Power points: in general, are in full power 50% of maximum power point 75%. 3. Voltage point: in general, the voltage of maximum power will be full of MPPT voltage of the maximum and the minimum average or a little higher than the average. ( Some experienced customers will have the value claim for rated voltage, because the CQC can reflect the efficiency of the voltage point on the report)
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