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Photovoltaic inverter protection function

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-20
As photovoltaic inverter system internal important electrical equipment, the equipment itself is equipped with all kinds of protection function is relatively perfect, the concrete has the following basic protection function. ( 1) Dc bus over-voltage protection. Inverter dc bus voltage through continuous detection, when several consecutive detected 000 V, dc voltage is higher than 1 inverter disconnect ac contactor, closed to the power supply. ( 2) Ac undervoltage protection. Inverter to the grid voltage continuous detection, when the grid voltage detected is beyond the scope of regulation voltage value, the inverter disconnect ac contactor; If the ac voltage at low voltage across the allowed range ( 20%) Fall within the low voltage across function action, inverter alarm running at the same time, in a low voltage through the allowed time, power grid voltage recovery, the inverter disconnect ac contactor, closed to the power supply. ( 3) Ac frequency protection. Continuous detection of the power system frequency inverter, when detected the frequency of the power grid frequency within the prescribed scope permitted, the inverter will be 0. Within 2 s disconnect ac contactor, closed to the power supply. ( 4) The polarity reverse protection. When the dc output voltage is less than 100 V, dc program detected A reverse current is about more than 40 A inverter prompts the reverse polarity protection, prohibited to run. ( 5) Short circuit protection. Continuous detecting current grid inverter, when they tested the grid current is greater than 1. 5 times the rated current, inverter disconnect ac contactor, closed to the power supply. ( 6) Islanding protection. Inverter using passive and active gudao detection algorithm, at the same time to test the power grid, the island phenomenon once detected inverter disconnect ac contactor, inverter and the power grid. ( 7) Over temperature protection. When the temperature sensor detects the IGBT radiator temperature more than limit, inverter ac contactor is disconnected. ( 8) Dc overload protection. Inverter dc input power for continuous detection, when detect the dc input power is greater than the limit, inverter automatic limit the maximum output ac power to manageable. Keywords: solar inverter more articles about inverter show: pv inverter manufacturer: monocrystalline silicon solar panels application field
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