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Photovoltaic inverter operation safety considerations

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-30
Photovoltaic inverter in medium and large capacity of photovoltaic power generation systems, the output of the inverter power supply should be smaller distortion of sine wave. This is because in the medium and large capacity system, with a square wave power supply, the output will contain more harmonic component and high harmonic will generate additional loss, many of the photovoltaic power generation system load for communication or instrument equipment, these devices have higher request for power quality, and large capacity of parallel operation of photovoltaic power generation system, in order to avoid pollution and public power grid electricity, also calls for sine wave inverter output current. Photovoltaic inverter operation safety considerations are: 1. Inverter operators need system after the training of qualified to offer this inverter operation, nand industry operators do not operate without authorization. 2. Ban removed, repair, reconstruction with industry personnel inverter, 3. All of the electrical installation must comply with local electrical installation standard. 4. Using inverter connected to the grid, allows the approval from the local power supply unit, and obtain the relevant qualification certificate by the related personnel for installation and operation. 5. The operator please wear the uniform when using the inverter. Please use protection equipment, such as the protection gloves, long sleeve clothes, in order to avoid shock damage. 6. Photovoltaic inverter, after termination of work or work parts may still be in high temperature condition, please do not touch the parts immediately. Please use the specified wire, cable, if use sufficient capacity of electric wire, cable connection method is not correct, would lead to machine damage, fire or get an electric shock. 7. Please do not damage the power supply wire and cable. Please don't trample, twist, pull the cables. Cable damage will cause electric shock, short circuit and fire. 8. Have coke smell taste, abnormal sound, abnormal fever, the abnormal phenomena such as smoke please turn off the power supply has stopped running, open immediately contact with the company, or get an electric shock hazards such as fire. 9. Grounding must be reliable, or in the event of a failure or leakage may cause electric shock. 10. Do not touch any component which does not has nothing to do maintenance, in order to avoid accidents. 11. Use the cardiac pacemaker personnel do not close to the inverter, inverter work creates a magnetic field, affect the normal work of the pacemaker. 12. Inverter do not use in excess of the prescribed wet environment, electrical part of the water may cause electric shock or short circuit. 13. Inverter should be installed in a horizontal tilt. Inverter dumping or falling from the installation place, can cause damage or malfunction inverter. 14. To avoid place containers of liquid on the case. The spilling water will destroy the insulation, corrosive liquid corrosion inverter. 15. Please do not place combustible, explosive around the inverter. Inverter work will produce high temperature, combustible and explosive may fire, explode. 16. In use do not cover blanket, cloth and other textiles on the inverter, so as to avoid inverter heat cause fire. 17. Please put fire extinguisher in inverter installation area, in case of one thousand. Before to run the installation and debugging equipment, must read and understand photovoltaic inverter manufacturers to provide user manual, and familiar with the relevant safety signs. Keywords: photovoltaic inverter more articles about inverter show: inverter protection measures have?
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