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Photovoltaic inverter manufacturer a: home outfit photovoltaic power station how to calculate the neo-treasure hill?

by:Fangpusun     2020-09-24
Pv inverter manufacturer, mainly includes: illegal buildings ☞ did not apply for or application is not approved, did not obtain the right to use construction land planning permit and construction project planning permit and built buildings; ☞ alter the rules of the construction project planning permit built buildings; ☞ do STH without authorization changes the use properties built buildings; ☞ temporary buildings after the construction of more than the period of validity are not permanent buildings to be demolished; ☞ by forging the relevant materials to the competent department of license and built buildings. One view, alleged illegal buildings, is to start building without the permission of the competent department of the various buildings and structures. However, although this has certain truth, but are not scientific, it does not specify the 'illegal' in the nature of the so-called 'illegal', just on the surface of a general definition, easy to make mistakes in guiding practice. At different levels of illegal structures in accordance with the 'illegal', there are all sorts of different situations. Superficially JianZhuRen any illegal buildings on the land use right, says illegal structures in general can be divided into two kinds: one is JianZhuRen has not obtained the land use right, and therefore unable to obtain a building permit; 2 it is the land use right obtained in their land to build the illegal buildings, which is using the building possession of the land within the limits of the right to build houses and other buildings, but without a building permit and construction of buildings without authorization. Installed on the roof of photovoltaic power station will neo-treasure hill or reforming housing problems? According to the relevant national laws and regulations, distributed photovoltaic roof system does not belong to the neo-treasure hill, as long as the filing through legal channels, reasonable design, building photovoltaic power station, the national grid would be connected to the electricity grid and subsidies on time. At present the construction of the installation of photovoltaic power generation system, in the family has been very mature market experience, for the house completely without modification, as long as can determine whether can be installed according to roof condition, whether before or after decorate decorate, there is no any effect. After installing solar components, both can generate electricity and appear ecological fashion, so why not? Installed on the roof of photovoltaic power station calculating do not calculate the neo-treasure hill, senior villas or photovoltaic components can be installed? If reasonable design and installation of photovoltaic power generation system, will not affect the original building construction, also no longer have an impact on the surrounding environment, villas residential property does not agree to install there are two main reasons, one is because don't know the whole business process, one is worried about damage district overall aesthetic, so only need to communicate through a reasonable explanation, general property will agree to install. Currently in Shanghai and other places, many villa roof are already installed up step by step, photovoltaic power system has used the roof of some high-grade villa community in Beijing, improved the level of the community, also poses a lot of profit, and made great contribution to disperse haze also. Photovoltaic power generation is now recognized by more and more people, for the rural property right clear, roof restrict factors of household photovoltaic power station site tend to roof, roof is usually idle resources, tries to use not only cause waste. The power station construction on the roof can be effectively use of roof space, the good thing is kill two birds with one stone. Rural housing pavilions are single room, roof absolute ownership belongs to the owner of the house, unlike urban high-level building, dozens of units share a roof. Bring about rely on the original roof photovoltaic power station like this do not belong to the category of the neo-treasure hill bring about as though this dependence is dependent on the original roof photovoltaic bracket system, however, its supporting system has a lot of building material, therefore, the pv system need validation from neighbors and property in the same way, sun room, carport, belongs to building material, need to recognize keywords: neighbors and property of the inverter more articles about photovoltaic inverter show: the working principle of pv inverter
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